Meter Inspections

It is recommended that you contact us to schedule a water meter inspection for the following:

  • If you receive an estimated bill.
  • If you received a notice to book a meter inspection.
  • A change in ownership.
  • A change in tenancy.
  • If you think you have a leak.

There is no cost for a meter inspection and they generally take less than 15 minutes to perform. During the inspection the Meter Maintenance Person will check for any leaks in the meter or past the meter, ensure that the meter is in proper working order and is obtaining accurate reads.

Meter inspections are scheduled Tuesdays and Thursdays appointment times are 9am, 10:30am, 1pm and 2:15pm. To book a meter inspection please call 204-785-4900.

Leaky Meters

  • During hot summer months, condensation may form on cold water meters and the surrounding piping, giving the appearance of a leak.
  • Brass meter connections (tail pieces) found on 5/8 to one inch meters may leak if disturbed. Meter connections are the property of the City and are repaired at no cost.
  • Meter leaks should be reported immediately to prevent property damage and water loss. Preventing leaks in your home will save you money on your utility bill.
  • Water meter leaks may be controlled by closing the shut off valve by the meter.
  • You are responsible for and own the control valve and surrounding piping. Contact a plumber if there are valve problems or leaks inside your property.
  • If repairs are required or the meter needs to be relocated or removed please contact CitizenSupport at 204-785-4900.

Frozen Meters

Every winter, a few Selkirk residents will experience freezing water pipes. Often, frozen lines and pipes can be avoided with some simple proactive steps in your home.

Learn more about how to prevent freezing as well as what to do when you have received a notice from the City or if your pipes are already frozen.

  • Meters can leak if they are exposed to sub-zero temperatures.
  • To prevent frost damage, ensure the area near the meter is well heated or the meter and surrounding piping are well insulated.
  • If a water meter is damaged, we will replace the meter at your expense.

Meter Testing

  • New meters are tested at random for quality control before being installed.
  • The dial hand and register move as water passes through the meter.
  • High consumption readings are most often caused by internal household leaks from toilets and taps. Click here for more information on Water Conservation tips and how to check for leaks.
  • If you think you have a faulty meter, you can request that your meter be checked for accuracy. There is a charge for this service. See the Water and Sewer Rates  By-Law 5252 (Clause 10) for meter testing costs and more information.