When do I need a permit?

An in-ground or above-ground pool, hot tub/spa or any other structure located outdoors requires a Building Permit if it is capable of containing 2 or more feet of water.

Permits Required

  • Building Permit/Development Permit

Locates must be done prior to starting your project

Drawings Required

  • Site Plan (must include details of your fence),
  • Construction drawings (if applicable),
  • Drainage permit (if applicable),
  • Plans of the pool including diameter and how many litres it can hold,
  • Status of Title (issued by the Winnipeg Land Titles Office no later than 30 days before the date of the application)

Selkirk Requirements

According to the City of Selkirk Zoning Bylaw section 3.24 private swimming pools and hot tubs shall comply with the regulations listed hereunder.


Private swimming pools shall be located only in rear and side yards according to the build regulations for accessory uses, building or structures.

No swimming pool or any portion thereof shall be located directly under electrical service wires.


Private swimming pools and hot tubs shall be completely enclosed in compliance with the Manitoba Building Code.


Gates shall be a minimum height of 5 feet and shall be self-closing with a lockable latch to prevent unauthorized entry.

Site Requirements


Minimum Standards

Rear Yard

2 feet from property line (finished exterior)

Interior Side Yard

2 feet from property line (finished exterior)

Corner Side Yard

Same as principal building

Maximum Coverage

10% of lot

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