City of Selkirk - Blue Book

The City of Selkirk Blue Book is published annually and is packed with important community information for Selkirk such as:

  • Contact and meeting information for Mayor and Council
  • Details and schedules for our curbside recycling and garbage pickup
  • Contact information and details on the many recreation activities, programs and facilities available
  • Contact information and details for community support groups, services and local businesses

A copy is mailed to every address in Selkirk each spring. 

2023 blue book cover page with activities taking place in selkirk

Download the 2023 Blue Book. To search for a specific listing, press Ctrl+F (PC) or Cmd+F (Mac) on your desktop and type the listing you’re looking for.

The deadline to be included in the 2024 Blue Book has passed.  

The 2024 Blue Book is in the production stages right now. We anticipate mailing them to every residence in Selkirk early in March. 

If you wanted to be included but missed the deadline, please note that we update the online version throughout the year. Please reach out to CitizenSupport with your changes.