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public notice for parking and snow removal reminders

Parking and snow removal reminders

The City of Selkirk wishes to remind the community that vehicles may not be parked on City streets for more than 24 hours at a time. This is especially important during snow removal operations as parked vehicles during this period obstruct the removal of snow from the streets by City

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Alarm By-Law public notice banner

Public Notice Regarding New Alarm By-Law

Please be advised that a new by-law regarding emergency alarm systems has been implemented, effective August 2023.By-Law No. 5382. The objectives of this by-law are to: Our mission is to educate, not penalize the public. As a result, one false alarm will result in an official warning; fines only begin

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friends and family with city representatives gather around the dufferin gang sign.

Interpretive sign unveiled in honour of Dufferin Gang

If it’s possible to imagine a pre-Second World War Selkirk, and knowing what we know now, your imagination should take you to Dufferin Avenue. An ordinary street in an ordinary prairie town. The men and women who lived there were likely friends, some were related, and they were living ordinary

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Urban Forestry Public Notice banner

Public Notice Regarding City Urban Forestry Maintenance and By-Law No. 3756

Please be advised that beginning November 13th and continuing into 2024 the City will be trimming trees, shrubs, and hedges along sidewalks and streets as part of our general urban forestry maintenance. This initiative focuses on improving accessibility for pedestrians, vehicular traffic, and snow-clearing equipment on City streets and sidewalks.

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