Selkirk News and Alerts

COVID-19 Shortens Rec Complex Ice Season

Provincial health orders that took effect on October 31, 2020 lead to an empty Selkirk Rec Complex which many hoped would be a short interruption to the season. While many hoped the provincial health orders that closed the Selkirk Rec Complex would be short lived, the restrictions continue and have resulted in the cancelling of…

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In-house planning good for Selkirk and the region

Making planning an in-house function of the City is Selkirk is the natural next step for a municipality that has progressed and needs to coordinate its services for the benefit of the city and the region. “The time is right for the city to align economic development, asset management, and land use by bringing planning…

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frozen pipe with icicles

Frozen Water Lines

Every winter, some residents in Selkirk will experience freezing water lines/pipes.  Often, this can be avoided with some simple proactive steps in your home. Here is some information about how to prevent freezing as well as what to do when you have received a notice from the City or if your pipes are already frozen.…

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Louis Riel Day Holiday Closure

NOTICE is hereby given that the City of Selkirk Municipal Offices will be closed on Louis Riel Day, Monday, February 15, 2021; and FURTHER THAT the Committee of the Whole Meeting is rescheduled to Tuesday, February 16, 2021, at 7:00 PM.

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