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Parking in the City of Selkirk is enforced regularly on a daily basis. There are various parking regulations throughout the City of Selkirk such as limited time parking, 24 hour parking, and improperly parked that are just a few examples.

Timed Parking Restrictions

The City of Selkirk Traffic By-Law 4868/5123 provides the regulation of traffics within the City of Selkirk, including but not limited to restrictions related to timed parking.

24 Hour Parking

Unless otherwise posted, vehicles are permitted to park on the streets for a period of no longer than 24 hours. After each 24-hour period a vehicle is required to travel completely through the nearest intersection in order to be considered to be in compliance with this section of the by-law.

A 24-hour parking restriction also applies to any City owned parking lots unless otherwise posted. 

1HR, 2HR, and 3HR Parking

Throughout the City there are various areas where streets are limited to 1hour, 2 hour or 3-hour parking. Parking restrictions are indicated by signage located adjacent to the street.


Exceptions include Section 44 i) which states:

No person shall stop, stand or park a vehicle of the type known as a trailer, semi-trailer or semi-trailer truck, a bus, a motor home, a truck or a van with a design capacity of more than one tonne, on a street for a period of tie longer than one hour, except when actually loading or unloading.

Handi-capped Parking Permits

Where a vehicle displays a Handicapped Parking Permit issued by the Manitoba government, the time that the vehicle shall be entitled to remain parked or standing shall be double the particular parking restriction.


A vehicle that has been parked for a period of time that exceeds the permitted parking time shall be subject to any fines as outlined in the City’s Administrative Penalties By-law 5383 (or successor by-law), and in addition the vehicle may be towed to a garage compound. Any fees or charges related to towed vehicles is the responsibility of the vehicle owner and may be enforced under the Garage Keepers Act.

Parking tickets in default are subject to any collection related policy and procedures enforced by the City based on appropriate provincial legislation.

Should you have any questions regarding parking restrictions within the City of Selkirk please contact us via phone at 204-785-4900 or via email at [email protected].

Parking Violations

Traffic Control By-Law

Street and City Owned Lot parking violations in the City of Selkirk are $70.00 with an early payment option within 11 days of $35.00. If you have received a parking ticket, please click the button below.

It is important that you become familiar with the Traffic Control By-Law before alleging a violation or appealing a violation ticket that you may have received. To review the Traffic By-Law, please click the button below.