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As part of the our participation in the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Climate and Asset Management Network, the City of Selkirk agreed to develop a climate change adaptation strategy.

Whereas climate change mitigation involves reducing greenhouse gas production, climate change adaptation prepares for the negative effects of a warmer climate.

The City of Selkirk partnered with Prairie Climate Centre (PCC) at the University of Winnipeg to undertake this work. Additionally, the PCC is a national leader in interpreting, communicating, and activating climate change data.

Furthermore, PCC and city staff researched and prepared a collaborative process. This process brought together the best available climate data and local knowledge. PCC’s experts educated city staff on what climate change will mean for Selkirk from a seasonal perspective.

Consequently, this education allowed staff from all levels and departments to consider potential impacts. They identified the consequences they believed the city would face across all service lines, season by season.

City of Selkirk's Climate Change Adaptation Strategy - Cover

Selkirk Climate Change Adaptation Strategy offers a comprehensive, practical, and cost-effective plan. The city aims to address climate change impacts on municipal services and citizens.

Additionally, the city integrates this work into its capital asset management program. The city uses leading practices to quantify, plan, budget, and undertake the necessary work.

Furthermore, the strategy prepares the city to adapt over the next 50 years.

In May 2019, the City won the Canadian Network of Asset Managers’ prestigious Tereo Award for leadership and innovation in Asset Management for its strategy.

Read the City of Selkirk Climate Change Adaptation Strategy: