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Starting a business in Selkirk offers numerous opportunities. Located in the Interlake region, just 20 km northeast of Winnipeg, Selkirk is the economic hub that provides excellent access to major highways, rail spur lines, and the airport, connecting it with national and international markets.

Benefits of Starting a Business in Selkirk:

As the regional economic center, Selkirk serves a trading area of 70,000 people and attracts visitors, skilled employees, and new residents from the City of Winnipeg, which has a population of over 650,000. The City of Selkirk is undergoing significant revitalization and growth, making it an attractive destination for new businesses.

Support Services:

Selkirk offers various support services for new businesses, including mentorship programs, economic incentives, and networking opportunities. The city’s business-friendly policies further enhance the ease of starting and running a business.

Contact Information:

For more information, please contact:

Tim Feduniw

Director of Sustainable Economic Development


[email protected]

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