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What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is an alternative approach to conventional trade and is based on a transparent and respectful partnership between producers as well as consumers. Fair trade contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers – particularly in the global south. Additionally, it promotes ethical practices in trade and ensures fair wages for those involved in production processes.

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Selkirk – A Fair Trade Designated Town

The Fair Trade Town designation is awarded to communities that meet all the criteria within the following five requirements.  

  1. Steering Committee: a local Committee must be formed of both active community volunteers and a group of leadership members that will meet regularly to ensure continued commitment
  2. Product Availability: there must be Fairtrade certified products available throughout the Town in proportion to the size of its population
  3. Public Awareness and Education: events and activities must be organized to generate educational opportunities and media engagement for fair trade and the town that is seeking designation
  4. Community Support: local businesses and schools including other potential partners and community groups are required to support fair trade and the Town in their operations and awareness-raising activities
  5. Political Support: the local municipal authority must commit to sourcing and purchasing Fairtrade-certified products in addition to participating and supporting the Town’s Fair Trade status

The City of Selkirk received its Fair Trade Town designation on May 9, 2017. Businesses that helped in the designation processed included: Co-op Food Store & Gas Bar, Walmart, The Liquor Mart, A&W Restaurant, Three6Tea, The Canalta Hotel, and Shoppers Drug Mart.

City of Selkirk – A Fair Trade Workplace

The City of Selkirk is pleased to be a Fair Trade Workplace, offering Fair Trade coffee, tea and sugar for our employees and guests.

The City was honoured to be recognized as Fair Trade Workplace of the Year in 2016 and Fair Trade Town of the Year in 2017.

Why do we choose to become a Fair Trade Workplace?

By using Fair Trade products, we help to ensure producers and workers get fair compensation for their work. Consequently, this reduces poverty and child labor while building the prosperity and resilience of families and developing communities.

We offer these products because improving the quality of life of all of our citizens is our core mission. This small change in our practices can help dramatically improve the lives of our global citizens. We choose to think globally and act locally. As dedicated public servants, we choose to be part of the solution.

What Fair Trade products does the City of Selkirk use?

Like many workplaces, the City of Selkirk has long offered coffee to its employees. We now exclusively offer Fair Trade-certified coffee, tea and sugar in our workplaces for our employees and the employees of the many co-located organizations and agencies that operate in our buildings.

Local Businesses & Fair Trade Products

The following local businesses carry Fair Trade products. 

City of Selkirk: Fairtrade soccer balls, Fairtrade Handbook, Selkirk One Forty Canvas Tote – view our website for details on fair trade merchandise and to purchase. 

Red River Co-op: Kicking Horse Coffee, Ethical Bean Coffee, One Coffee, Cadbury Chocolate, Co-Op Gold Chocolate, Cocoa Domino Cocoa Powder, G. Boy Peanuts, Coco Libre Pineapple Water, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream.

Walmart: Kicking Horse Coffee, Cadbury Chocolate.

Co-op Gas Bar: Van Houtte Coffee, Cadbury Chocolate.
The Liquor Mart: Six Hats Wine, Place in the Sun Wine, Qahpay Reserva Wine, House of Mandela Wine, Mongozo Beer, Buckwheat and Premium Beer.
A&W Restaurant: Van Houtte Coffee, Just Us Organic Cane Sugar.

Three6Tea: Camino Golden Cane Sugar, Camino Chocolate Bars.

Subway: Coffee, Sugar, Chocolate

Aaron’s No Frills: Coffee, Prana products, Kashi products, Barkthins.

Victoria Flowers and Gifts: Fairtrade Flowers

The Canalta Hotel: Van Houtte Coffee, Cadbury Chocolate, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
Shoppers Drug Mart: PC Organic Coffee, Kicking Horse Coffee, Cadbury Chocolate, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.

Fair Trade Products & Brands: Several brands create Fair Trade items. Click this list to view brands that sell/are fair trade. 

Are you a business located within the City of Selkirk that also carries Fair Trade products? Send us an email and let us know the types of products and we would be happy to add you to this list! Email: [email protected]

Get Involved & Learn More

Do you want to get involved? Join the City of Selkirk’s Fair Trade Committee by contacting  Citizen Support! We plan annual events and initiatives targeted at educating as well as promoting fair trade in the community.