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A Building Occupancy Permit maintains control over building standards. It helps ensure that work was completed in accordance with the terms of the permit and is consistent with applicable regulations. A Building Occupancy Permit also provides the terms and nature of the occupancy permission. 

A Building Occupancy Permit is sometimes accompanied by an Occupant Load Card where required by code, or deemed necessary by the Building Inspector.

When do I need an Occupancy Permit?

Final Occupancy Permit

A Final Occupancy Permit is required for:

  • Closing of a building permit where occupancy permit is listed as a condition
  • Every new occupant/tenant
  • Every existing occupant/tenant who is relocating or expanding their unit within a building
  • Every existing occupant/tenant who wishes to increase the occupant load of the occupied space.

Interim Occupancy Permit

An Interim Building Occupancy Permit may be issued at the City of Selkirk’s discretion for the use of a part of a building (floor, wing or defined area) or for the entire building pending its completion. An Interim Building Occupancy Permit will typically list conditions and/or outstanding defects or work yet to be completed, and will set out a time limit for its validity.

Who can apply for an Occupancy Permit?

An application for a Building Occupancy permit can be made by the building owner, or authorized agent. This can be property manager, the intended occupancy/tenant, the general contractor, or a designer (Architect, Engineer, Interior Designer).

Required Information

  • Site plan (see Frequently Asked Questions page for requirements),
  • Floor Plans – Existing and Proposed layouts
  • Letter of Intent describing the business (should include type of business, hours of operation, number of employees, etc…)