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A Building Occupancy Permit ensures compliance with building standards and applicable regulations. It specifies the terms and nature of the occupancy permission. You will obtain this permit before legally occupying or using a building for its intended purpose, such as residential, commercial, or industrial use. The permit may impose specific conditions or requirements, such as obtaining additional approvals, completing minor work, or ensuring ongoing maintenance.

When do I need an Occupancy Permit?

Final Occupancy Permit

A Final Occupancy Permit is required for:

  • Closing a building permit where this permit is a condition.
  • Every new occupant or tenant.
  • Existing occupants or tenants relocating or expanding their unit
    within a building.
  • Existing occupants or tenants wishing to increase the occupant load
    of the occupied space.

Interim Occupancy Permit

The City of Selkirk may issue an Interim Building Occupancy Permit for part of a building (floor, wing, or defined area) or the entire building before its completion. This permit usually lists conditions, outstanding defects, or incomplete work, and sets a time limit for its validity.

Who can apply for an Occupancy Permit?

The building owner or an authorized agent (such as a property manager, the intended occupant or tenant, the general contractor, or a designer like an architect, engineer, or interior designer) can apply for a this permit.

Required Information

  • Site Plan: See the Frequently Asked Questions page for requirements.
  • Floor Plans: Existing and proposed layouts.
  • Letter of Intent: Describe the business, including the type of business, hours of operation, number of employees, etc.

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