By-Law Officer sitting with licensed dog.

Obtaining a license from the City can now be done online!

A license is required for all dogs over the age of four months that reside in the City of Selkirk. Licenses are free, should be renewed annually and have many benefits! 

  • Access to the Selkirk Dog Park.
  • Peace of mind that your dog will be returned to you quickly and safely.
  • Cost savings: If your animal is found without a license you could face a fine.
Do cats require a license?

Cats within the City of Selkirk do not require a license. However, as per the Responsible Pet Owner By-Law 5358, cats are required to have current rabies vaccination. 

What if a change of ownership occurs?

Where a change in ownership of a dog occurs during the license year, the new owner shall have the current license transferred to their name. To transfer the ownership of a dog, please contact CitizenSupport.


Dog licenses can be obtained anytime throughout the year but require annual renewal. Registration can be done online or in-person at the Civic Office Monday to Friday, from 10am-4pm. Current proof of rabies vaccination is required. 

Does my dog need to wear its tag?

Dogs must wear their valid license tag when not on the owner’s property. The owner shall ensure that the license tag issued for the dog is securely fastened to a collar worn around the neck of the dog in respect of which the tag was issued. Any failure to obtain or keep current the required license or to ensure that the license tag issued for the dog is securely fastened to the dog’s collar shall constitute an offence under this By-Law.

What if I lose my tag?

If a tag is lost or damaged the owner can contact CitizenSupport to request a new tag be mailed or readied for pick up at the Civic Office. 

If I complete the online application, how will I get my dog tag?

We will mail the dog tag and license confirmation to the address listed on your application. If you wish to pick the license tag up from the Civic Office instead of having it mailed, please contact CitizenSupport

Complete the license application or renewal below to obtain a dog license. 

Alternatively, you can contact CitizenSupport at 204-785-4900 or your local vet clinic or animal hospital within the City that is designated by Council as a veterinary clinic or animal hospital eligible as a supplier of such licenses. 

Please make sure to have the following information prior to calling:

  • Your name, address and phone number
  • Your pets name, date of birth, sex, spay/neuter info, breed description, dominant, second and third colour (if applicable), tattoo number and location, medication info, and current vet clinic. 
  • Proof of current rabies vaccination is required

Licenses are valid from January 1st through December 31st each year and are FREE.