What is Vital Signs?

Vital Signs is a community check-up. Community foundations all across Canada use it to measure the vitality of neighbourhoods, and identify significant trends in a range of sectors that are critical to a smart and caring community. The research leads to ideas that move this knowledge into action. Vital Signs is coordinated nationally by Community Foundations of Canada and was developed with the help of the Toronto Foundation.
With the community, the Selkirk & District Community Foundation has come to understand our region better than ever. In November 2016, they launched the Vital Signs project. They wanted to know which critical community issues matter the most, and they were told – affordable housing, mental health and community safety, among nine key issues. They also wanted to know what we’re great at. They heard the region’s key strength is our ability to pitch in together to solve problems and make change happen. All of this has helped them measure the vital signs of Selkirk, St. Clements and St. Andrews – to help our community grow, be healthy and nurture a regional identity.