Employment - Employee at Kinetics Machine Works

Economic growth sustains Selkirk’s quality of life for future generations. With sound local economy, young people can pursue promising careers and opportunities without leaving their home community. Selkirk hosts the multi-national Gerdau MRM Steel Mill, which employs 450 workers. Selkirk also hosts a variety of businesses ranging from small to large fabricating and manufacturing firms which provide products and services to the surrounding area and for export, such as Kinetic Machine Works. Selkirk has also seen substantial regional commercial growth, attracting retail brands such as Walmart, Staples, Canadian Tire, Canalta Hotel and others.

Current Employment Opportunities in the City of Selkirk

Web Development Contractor

2021-30 Finance Clerk REPOST

2021-31 Utility Operator REPOST

2021-33 Casual Labourers

2021-34 Program Coordinator

To Apply:

There are 4 ways to submit the Application for Employment form.

  1. Online:
    Click here to complete the online application form. The fastest and easiest way to apply.
  2. Mail:
    Attn: Jobs
    200 Eaton Avenue
    Selkirk, MB  R1A 0W6
  3. In Person:
    Leave all applictions with the front desk reception staff at The City of Selkirk Civic Office at 200 Eaton Avenue, Selkirk Manitoba.
  4. Fax:

All applicants must complete an Application for Employment form. If you are not using the online form you must download the form or pickup a copy of the form at The City of Selkirk Civic Office (200 Eaton Avenue, Selkirk Manitoba). To download the form click here.

Include a copy of a cover letter and/or resume detailing information specific for the position being applied for or not covered on this application.

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