The City of Selkirk allows apiaries (honey bee operations) in qualifying properties. Any new or renewed beekeeping operation must be approved by the city by obtaining a Beekeepers Permit. 

Beekeeping Limitations
  • Beekeeping Permits are only valid for the property listed on an approved permit.
  • Beekeeping Permits are only valid until December 31st of the current year.
  • Beekeeping Permits must be renewed annually by the registered Beekeeper.
  • Properties with a Beekeeping Permit are limited to two (2) hives plus one (1) nucleus hive per civic address.
  • Those with an approved City of Selkirk Beekeeping Permit are required to comply with requirements listed under the Manitoba Bee Act or any successor Act or Regulation.
  • Beekeeping activities must be compatible with residential activities in the area. Should the City determine that the activities of a Beekeeper are causing detrimental effects to the surrounding area, the City may revoke any Beekeeping Permits and require the removal of all Apiary’s associated with the permit at the cost of the Beekeeper.
  • Beekeepers are required to adhere to good agricultural management and husbandry practices to prevent swarming and aggressive behaviour.
Required Criteria
  1. Approved Province of Manitoba Beekeeping Permit and inspection certificate.
  2. Letter of permission from property owner in the event that applicant does not own the property on which bees are to be located.
  3. Hives are required to have a constant source of water on site: 
      • between April 1 and October 31 of each year; or,
      • an extended period of time outside those dates should weather require

4. Hives must be setback 20ft (6.1m) from fencing unless;

      • Fencing is solid in nature and has been approved by a City of Selkirk Designated Officer.
      • Fencing is surrounded by hedge or solid vegetation and has been approved by a City of Selkirk Designated Officer.
      • Hives are located on a rooftop terrace at least 14ft (4.1m) (also known as one storey) above ground level.
      • *Rooftop terrace’s are required to adhere to any requirements of Manitoba’s Planning Act, City of Selkirk Zoning By-law or any successor Act, By-Law, or Regulation.

5. First time applicants are required to submit a site plan for their Beekeeping operation outlining the requirements above.  


*The City of Selkirk reserves the right to conduct a property inspection prior to of after a Beekeeping Permit has been issued.

Important Information
  • Urban beekeeping is discouraged before completing a recognized course in beekeeping and/or seeking membership in a local bee club. The University of Manitoba offers the Beekeeping for the Hobbyist course. 
  • The Province of Manitoba registers and inspects all beekeeping operations under the Bee Act of Manitoba.
  • The Bee Connected App is available to any beekeeper who would like to be connected with farmers near their beehives, or would like to be informed of crop protection activities near their beehives.
How to Apply

Citizens of Selkirk can apply using the online application below, or in-person at the Civic Office Monday through Friday 10am-4pm. 

Please read the required criteria above to ensure you are compliant with the terms. Confirm you have all information and required documents ready before you apply.