image of the basement interior of a home

Interior Renovations and Basement Development

As a building owner that is wanting to make an interior home renovation or finish a basement, you are required to comply with all building requirements.  A permit is required for select interior home renovations and if work on an unfinished basement is proposed, a permit is required for structural or material alterations or repairs as well as the addition of bedrooms, a bathroom, rec room, etc.,


Permits Required

  • Building Permit/Development Permit
  • Plumbing Permit (only if they are moving existing plumbing fixtures)
  • Electrical Permit (this is not a city permit, you must go to Manitoba Hydro)

Drawings Required

  • Construction Drawings
    • Floor Plan
    • Plumbing Schematics 
    • Red Seal ticket for Plumber
  • Status of Title (issues by the Winnipeg Land Titles Office no later than 30 days before the date of the application)

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