Campground sites shown in aerial photo

Selkirk Park Campground sits next to the Marine Museum at 490 Eveline Street (corner of Queen Ave and Eveline St). It is located on the north end of Selkirk, along the banks of the Red River. We have 165  camping sites, 135 with power and access to water is shared for all sites.

A number of amenities are just steps away from the your campsite, including our boat launch with access to the Red River, the Selkirk Park Pool and Splash Pad, Skate Park, Dog Park, Agricultural Society Grounds, the Marine Museum of Canada and a number of trails for those seeking the benefits of nature.

Camping Reservations

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the sizes of the campsites?
    • They vary from 15 ft to 35 ft.
  2. Can I dump my sewer at the campground?
    • Yes there is a dumping station at the campground. Registered campers can use for free. Those not booked in the campground must pay at fee at the campground office.
  3. Is there water at the sites?
    • Yes we have shared water hookup.
  4. Is there security at the campground?
    • Yes we provide overnight security and have staff working during the day.
  5. Can I bring my own firewood into the campground?
    • No you must purchase firewood at the campground office.
  6. What is check-in and check-out times?
    • Check-in at 2:00 pm, check-out at 11:00 am.
  7. Do I get free access to the pool during my stay?
    • If you are a seasonal camper you will receive a pool pass.
  8. What are the quite hours at the campground?
    • 11:00 pm are the quite hours.
  9. Can I drink alcohol in the campground?
    • Drinking is not permitted.
  10. Can I have visitors at my campsite?
    • Yes visitors are allowed and must pay for a parking pass at the campground office.
  11. Can visitors stay the night?
    • No visitors need to be gone by 10:00 pm.
  12. How many amps are at the campsite?
    • 30 amps.
  13. Who owns the campground?
    • The City of Selkirk.
  14. When is the campground open?
    • Tentatively, depending on weather and water conditions, May long weekend
  15. When is the campground closed?
    • October 6, 2024.
  16. How do I become a returning seasonal camper?
    • You need to be a seasonal camper the year prior.
  17. How do I book a campsite.

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