Two children tobogganing down a hill

Experience the thrill of tobogganing – a Manitoba winter tradition and a great way to embrace the winter season!

Little Lake Park

The toboggan hill at Little Lake Park offers a great place to enjoy the mature trees within the park and sled down the large toboggan hill.

Sled Borrowing Bin

The City of Selkirk has created a sled borrowing bin at Little Lake Park. Need a sled to borrow? No problem! Borrow one while at Little Lake Park and return to the storage bin once done. Use at your own risk.

Have an extra sled lying around at home? Are your kids too old to toboggan? Donate it! Simply drop off your sled at the borrowing bin for others to enjoy. We ask any donations to be still fully functional and not broken/damaged. 

Sled Borrowing Bin CLOSED for the season, effective March 22, 2024
Borrowing bin of sleds at Little Lake Park

Little Lake Park is located at end of Dorchester Ave (East)

Selkirk Golf Course

Enjoy tobogganing down the hill at the Selkirk Golf Course. Free. Parking is available in the parking lot.

No Sled borrowing bin at this location.

Please use it at your own risk.

Please note that the Golf Course facility is not open during the winter. 


The Selkirk Golf Course is located at 100 Sutherland Ave, Selkirk, MB R1A 0L9

Tobogganing Safety

Before you head out, review these tips to help you and your child stay safe while tobogganing. All toboggan hills are use at your own risk. 

Supervise Children

Always go sledding with young children, and watch over them closely. Don’t let young children go down the hill alone.

Gear & Clothing

Check the sled to make sure it’s in good shape before you use it.
Don’t go down hills on plastic discs or inner tubes. They aren’t safe because they’re hard to control.
Wear a helmet (hockey, ski, or snowboard type). If possible, wear a ski helmet because they’re made for cold weather and similar falls and speeds.
Tell your child how important it is to dress warmly, and teach them about frostbite. Take off wet clothes and boots when you’re done.
Dress in warm layers.

Check the Weather

Check the temperature before you go. Only go sledding when the temperature is warmer than -19˚C. Think about the wind-chill factor because wind chill makes it feel colder.

Toboggan Safely

Go down the hill sitting up or kneeling on the sled. Don’t go down head first or flat on your back. Slide down the middle of the hill.
When you get to the bottom of the hill, move quickly out of the way. If your child falls or crashes, watch them for signs of injury.

Find a Safe Space

Choose hills with a gentle slope and a long, clear run-off area free from trees or other obstacles. Stay away from icy hills and don’t sled on ice-covered rivers, streams, or ponds.
Stay away from roads, rivers, railway tracks, and parking lots. Only go sledding in the daylight.

No Tunnels & Forts

Snow forts can be fun, but building tunnels can be dangerous. Tunnels can collapse and suffocate a child. Make sure your child knows not to build or play in snow tunnels.