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What is a Conditional Use?

A Conditional Use is the use of land or buildings that may be permitted in a particular zone under the current City of Selkirk Zoning By-Law, but because of the type or nature of the use(s) conditions for its establishment and operation it is necessary to ensure compatibility with adjacent land uses.

Application Requirements

All Conditional Use requests require the following prior to the land use request being processed:

  • Completed Application form with signatures of both the registered owner and applicant (if different)
  • Application Fee (Payable to the City of Selkirk by cheque, cash or debit)
  • Supporting documentation as identified in the application form.
  • Other plans and documentation may be required, depending on the nature of the request.


The process from the time the completed application and all supporting documentation is submitted to the City until the file is presented at a City Council Meeting typically will take 6 – 8 weeks.  Complicated land use requests may take longer; also summer months may take longer. All Conditional Use requests require a public hearing prior to Council making a decision on the particular application. As per the Planning Act public notices must be sent out to surrounding neighbours and posted on the subject property 14 days prior to any public meeting. If an application is approved the applicant must take out a building permit within 12 months or the Conditional Use becomes null and void.

Public Hearing

All Conditional Use requests require a public hearing as part of the approval process. The public hearing provides an opportunity for the applicant and any member of the general public to comment on the application prior to Council’s decision. 

The applicant is highly encouraged to attend the public hearing, be prepared to present details of their application, and answer any questions.  

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