City of Selkirk Animal Control

Wild Animal Safety and Control

The City actively manages issues with skunks, raccoons, and woodchucks (groundhogs). Please direct complaints about foxes, coyotes, deer, or other larger non-domestic animals to Manitoba Conversation at 204-785-5080.

Animal Traps

The City of Selkirk offers a free animal trap service to all Selkirk residents. Traps can be used for cats, raccoons, and woodchucks (groundhogs). Dog traps may be available but only in extreme circumstances and at the discretion of the By-Law Enforcement Officer.

Trap requests operate on a first-come, first-served basis and availability may not be guaranteed at the time of your request. Traps may be unavailable due to unfavourable weather conditions at the discretion of a By-Law Enforcement Officer.

Homeowners can contract companies at their own expense to provide trapping and disposal services in the area if By-Law Enforcement does not have traps available. 

In order to be provided with an animal trap you must provide the following information:

  • Name and contact information
  • Address of concern
  • Type of animal (if that information is available to you)

The City’s By-Law Enforcement Officers manage animal traps and dispose of animals, checking the traps at regular intervals each day. Residents must avoid tampering with a trap once it is set. If you notice an animal in a trap, please contact CitizenSupport directly.

Trap Weather Requirements

For By-Law Enforcement to set a live trap the temperature must be above 10 degrees Celsius (including overnight) and at a heat/humidex level that is at the discretion of the By-Law Enforcement Officer.

Trap Duration

Traps may be set in one location for a maximum of 5 days if no animal is caught. Ongoing trap use and animal issues may result in a longer period for trap use at the discretion of the By-Law Enforcement Officer. Traps may be requested by a resident for a maximum of two (2) times per year if there is no successful animal capture. The number of traps By-Law Enforcement sets is dependent on the circumstances. 

To request a trap please contact CitizenSupport.

Deceased Animal Collection

By-Law Enforcement may collect deceased animals on public property within the City of Selkirk. Collection is not provided for deceased animals on private property. Please contact CitizenSupport if an animal needs collection and meets the above requirements.


Vermin are outside of the scope of By-Law Enforcement. For assistance, contact a Pest Control company directly.

If the concern is regarding a Public Health issue, please contact the IERHA Community Health Office at 204-785-7500.

Wildlife Tips

If you own or live on a property, you have the power to minimize encounters with wild animals in your yard. By taking proactive measures, you can create a safer environment for both your family and local wildlife. This not only protects your property but also respects the natural habitat of the wildlife around you.

Reducing Wildlife Encounters

There are several steps that residents can take to prevent wildlife from taking up permanent residence at their home as wildlife needs need, water, and shelter in order to survive.

  • If you have gaps below a deck, porch, storage shed, or home; these spaces could provide shelter for wildlife.
  • Use fencing, lattice, wire, and patching products to seal areas and minimize shelter opportunities for wildlife. Ensure that no wildlife is present before sealing any area. 
  • Food sources such as overflowing garbage cans, improperly stored food, and even birdfeeders can attract wildlife.

For more information on how to keep your yard pest free please visit How to Live with Urban Wildlife at 

Injured or Sick Wildlife

City of Selkirk By-Law Enforcement is unable to assist sick or injured wildlife. If you find wildlife in need of help, please reach out to one of the wildlife organizations below.