The Civic Office of the City of Selkirk

Lottery Licensing

Each individual raffle lottery within the City of Selkirk requires a Lottery License. You can obtain these licenses at the City of Selkirk Civic Office, which is open Monday to Friday, from 10AM to 4PM.

Terms and Conditions

To apply for a Lottery License, please fill out the application below. After completing the application, proceed to the Civic Office to receive your license from a CitizenSupport Representative.

Lottery License Application

Submit your Financial Report information here or directly at the Civic Office. Additionally, include a sample ticket or a facsimile of a ticket with your report. Remember to retain Financial Statements and all supporting receipts for a minimum of three years.

Frequently Asked Question’s

What are the requirements to obtain a Lottery License?

  • A charitable organization must operate within the City of Selkirk to qualify.
  • The organization must conduct the draw within the City of Selkirk boundaries.
  • The organization should clear all outstanding Financial Statements from previous Lottery Licenses.
  • The total prize value for the draw should not surpass $3,000.
  • If the gross revenue exceeds $10,000, the organization must pay a license fee equal to 1% of the total prize value.

What is a ‘Charitable Organization’?

A non-profit organization provides services for the public good and welfare. These organizations operate to benefit the community and possess formal documentation that outlines their objectives.

Do I need a Lottery License for a 50/50 draw?

You must obtain a Lottery License for any 50/50 draw that awards a prize. 

I am holding multiple 50/50 draws at sports games, do I need a license for each game?

You can obtain one license for a time span (Ex. January 1 – March 5), as long as the total prize value (50% of sales) does not exceed $3,000 (therefore sales cannot exceed $6,000). 

If you’ve taken out one license, but have exceeded that maximum prize value, you must obtain a new license for the remainder of the games. 

Can I hold a ‘Chase the Ace’ raffle?

Yes, if the raffle runs for a designated span of time, and the pot does not exceed $3,000. If you’ve taken out one license, but have exceeded that maximum prize value, you must obtain a new license for the remainder of the games. 

More information on Chase the Ace raffles can be found on the LGCA website.

Can a business obtain a lottery license from the City of Selkirk?

No, as they are not considered a Charitable Organization. The business will need to apply for a a ‘Social Occasion Raffle’ from the LGCA. 

What happens if an organization does not return the Financial Statement?

  • The LGCA and the City of Selkirk will place the organization on hold and it will stay on hold until the City receives the outstanding reports.
  • The organization will be unable to obtain any new lottery licenses while on hold.

Is it possible to obtain a license for an online raffle if no physical tickets are sold?

LGCA requirements prevent the City of Selkirk from issuing a online raffle license. The Gaming Integrity department of the LGCA must review any electronic raffles and might request additional technical information.