The Civic Office of the City of Selkirk

Lottery Licenses are required for each individual raffle lottery within the City of Selkirk. Lottery Licenses can be obtained at the City of Selkirk Civic Office during office hours, Monday to Friday from 10:00am – 4:00pm.

Apply for a Lottery License below! Once the application is complete please go to the Civic Office to obtain your license from a CitizenSupport Representative.

Lottery License Application

You can submit your Financial Report information here or at the Civic Office. You are also required to submit a sample ticket or facsimile of a ticket with your report. Please Note Financial Statements and all supporting receipts must be kept for at least three years.

Frequently Asked Question's

What is required to obtain a Lottery Licence?
  • Must be a charitable organization located within the City of Selkirk
  • The draw must take place within the City of Selkirk
  • Must not have any outstanding Financial Statements from previous Lottery Licences
  • Total prize value must not exceed $3,000
  • Pay the licence fee of 1% of the total prize value if gross revenue is over $10,000
What is a ‘Charitable Organization’?
  • An organization that performs services of public good or welfare without profit
  • Organizations that exist with the purpose of benefitting the community and have formal documentation to show their objectives
Do I need a Lottery License for a 50/50 draw?

Yes, you need a Lottery License for all 50/50 draws where you will be giving away a prize at the end of the draw.

I am holding multiple 50/50 draws at sports games, do I need a license for each game?

You can obtain one license for a time span (Ex. January 1 – March 5), as long as the total prize value (50% of sales) does not exceed $3,000 – therefore sales cannot exceed $6,000

If you’ve taken out one license, but have exceeded that maximum prize value, you just need to come back in to obtain a new license for the remainder of the games

Can I hold a ‘Chase the Ace’ raffle?

It will be similar to a 50/50 draw, in that they can run for a span of time, but the pot may not exceed $3,000 – otherwise they would require a new license

More information on Chase the Ace raffles can be found on the printed LGCA website

Can a business obtain a lottery license from the City of Selkirk?

No, as they are not considered a Charitable Organization. The business will need to apply for a a ‘Social Occasion Raffle’ from LGCA

What happens if an organization does not return the Financial Statement?
  • The LGCA & the City of Selkirk will put that organization on a hold status
  • They will be unable to obtain any new lottery licenses
  • They will remain on this hold status until the outstanding reports have been returned
Can I take out a License for an online raffle, where no actual printed tickets are being sold?

It can be done, however due to several LGCA requirements the City cannot issue the license

LGCA’s Gaming Integrity department must look over any electronic raffles and may require more technical information