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A subdivision is the process where a property is legally split into two or more properties. The scale of the subdivision application may vary from a single urban lot to a new neighbourhood development. Subdivision approval is also required where a property line between two properties is being shifted, or where a bare land condominium is proposed.

Where can I apply for a Subdivision?

You will need to go to the Community and Regional Planning Office in Selkirk.

103-235 Eaton Ave
Selkirk, MB
R1A 0W7
Phone: 204-785-5090
Email: [email protected]

All applications must be sent to Community and Regional Planning, the City of Selkirk cannot process Subdivision applications at this time.

Essentials for applying for a Subdivision

The Planning Resource Guide for Subdivisions in Manitoba provides all the necessary details to help with subdivision application.

The applicant is required to submit the following to the Community and Regional Planning Office in Selkirk. Be as thorough as possible since applications cannot be processed with required items missing.

  • Subdivision application: all applicable questions must be answered and the application signed by the registered owner and applicant.
  • Subdivision applicable fee: a cheque or money order payable to the Minister of Finance.
  • Sketch of proposed subdivision showing:
    • Existing and proposed lot lines
    • Lot dimensions and area
    • All permanent structures and buildings
    • Onsite wastewater management system and distance to nearest lot lines
    • Well
    • Driveway(s)
    • Existing utilities
    • Existing tree line and edge of field
    • Waterbodies
  • Status of Title for all land to be included in the subdivision. The Status of Title cannot be more than 30 days old.

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