Selkirk is a treasure trove of history, with numerous landmarks and attractions that showcase its storied past. Selkirk’s top attractions are key to any visit, whether you’re staying all day or just briefly. Our historical sites page provides extensive details on museums and resources, simplifying the exploration of Selkirk’s heritage for all.

Attractions and Landmarks

Chuck the Channel Cat

Chuck the Channel Cat statue in Selkirk Manitoba

Selkirk, Manitoba, is the “Catfish Capital of North America,” and nothing says it more than the towering 11-meter town mascot, Chuck. You can find Chuck greeting visitors on the southbound side of Main Street, right beside the familiar golden arches of McDonald’s. Chuck stands as a symbol of the city’s rich fishing heritage and community pride.

 Marine Museum of Manitoba

Step back in time and experience the maritime history of the shipping industry that ran along the Red River up to Lake Winnipeg by visiting the Selkirk Marine Museum. It’s open to the public from the May Long weekend through the September Long weekend, with a special Halloween Haunt event at the end of October. Find us at 490 Eveline Street and explore the vessels that once sailed these waters. For more information, please visit The Marine Museum website.

Aerial photo of Selkirk Marine Museum

Selkirk Park

Aerial photo of Selkirk Park

Take a stroll on the Selkirk Community Trail, swim at the sandy beach pool or relax with a picnic. The park offers plenty of picnic areas to enjoy the outdoors. For boating enthusiasts, a seasonal boat launch is open from the May long weekend until late October. You’ll find all this adjacent to the Marine Museum, set against the scenic backdrop of the Red River. If you’d like to spend the night in the Campground book your site at the Selkirk Park Campground website.

Selkirk Lift Bridge

In the heart of our city, at Eveline Street and Eaton Avenue, stands a remarkable piece of history from the Depression Era. It’s a rare example of the projects created to provide jobs during that tough economic time. This unique mechanism, a testament to the resilience and ingenuity of the past, continues to be a point of interest for residents and visitors alike.

Selkirk lift bridge

Selkirk Community Arts Centre

Selkirk Community Arts Cetnre

Showcased monthly in the Gwen Fox Gallery is the work of its own Gwen Fox Gallery members. Unique artist creations are also available for purchase in the gift shop. The Gwen Fox Gallery can be contacted at 204-482-4359 and is located at the corner of Main St. and Manitoba Ave. Come check out the works of some of Selkirk and surrounding areas talented artists!

Stuart House

In 1904, James Stuart, manager of Selkirk Electric Light Company since 1890, built a historic house. This landmark is situated at 478 Eveline Street. Stuart House is a testament to the early days of electricity in Selkirk, marking the spot where the town’s electrification first sparked to life.

The Stuart House

Selkirk Waterfront

Crowd gathered a Selkirk Waterfront on Canada Day 2013

Discover a spot in Selkirk perfect for a serene break or an angling adventure. Follow Manitoba Avenue east and this scenic locale offers a tranquil view of the Red River. Visitors are welcome to pause and soak in the natural beauty, or set up a chair alongside local fishing enthusiasts for a chance to catch the day’s bounty.

Selkirk Skatepark

Selkirk Park is home to the Selkirk Skatepark, a community hub generously supported by the local Rotary Club. This skatepark is a favorite gathering spot for enthusiasts of skateboarding and biking. Selkirk Skatepark offers a fun and active space for all ages.

aerial photo of the Selkirk skate park

The Urban Prairie

Sign at the entrance to the Urban Prairie

Discover the Urban Prairie, an oasis of natural beauty and learning located at the Gaynor Family Regional Library. 50 types of native flowers and grasses flourish, each with its own story to tell through educational signs. This unique sanctuary not only nurtures local flora and fauna but also invites visitors to immerse themselves in the tranquility and wonder of this local treasure.