When the Selkirk Park Pool & Splashpad closes for the summer, it goes to the dogs – literally! The City of Selkirk invites your furry friends to come for a dip to close out the season.

Our 2024 K-9 Swim & Splash will take place on Monday, September 2, 2024. 

Times:  Dogs under 30lbs can swim between 1-3 p.m.  Larger K9’s can swim between 3-7 pm.

Location/Venue: Selkirk Park Pool & Splash Pad (inside Selkirk Park)

Cost: Free Entry – Donations of dog food/treats/new toys graciously accepted, which will be donated to the municipal Animal Retention Center (ARC).

While the dogs are taking over the pool for the afternoon and evening, there are rules the dogs, and their owners, will have to follow. Please read RULES in the drop down below.

While drop-in is welcome, we encourage you to pre-register for this event to save time when you arrive to the pool with your dog.

Register by clicking the button below. Note, form will not be available until registration opening date on April 16, 2024 at 10:00 am. 

While the dogs are taking over the pool for the afternoon and evening, there are rules the dogs, and their owners, will have to follow.

  • Owners must bring proof of current vaccinations to the pool entry gate upon registration (no pre-registration required). A vaccination certificate from your vet is the only acceptable proof of vaccination. The certificate must show rabies, distemper/parvo (DA2PP) and bordetella vaccination (must be current and not expired). Dog tags alone are not sufficient.
  • Dogs must be accompanied by an adult handler over the age of 18.
  • You are responsible for your dog and its behaviour while in the pool, including your dog’s interaction with other dogs.
  • Please attend to your dog at all times. There is no doggy lifeguard so this is especially important while your dog is in the water. Lifeguards will be on duty, for monitoring patrons only.
  • Dog must be on a leash while outside the gated pool area.
  • No human swimming
  • No food or treats inside the pool area.
  • Incontinent dogs are not permitted in the pool area for health reasons.
  • No dogs in heat.
  • Clean up after your dogs.
  • No muddy dogs in the pool. A rinse hose will be provided.
  • Please do not attend if you feel unwell.

By choosing to register for this program, you understand that certain risks are inherent to participation in sports and recreation activities. Those that participate in these program agree to the following:

  • I/we the undersigned, hereby acknowledge that certain risks of injury are inherent to participation in sports and recreational activities. These types of injuries may be minor or serious and may result from one’s actions or in-actions of others or a combination of both.
  • I/we understand that the rules and regulations are designed for the safety and protection of participants and hereby undertake to abide by these rules and regulations.
  • I/we understand that certain activities require a minimum level of fitness and health (physical, mental and emotional) and that each person has a different capacity of participating in these activities.
  • I/we agree to allow my child to participate in off-campus field trips that may require the use of public transportation.
  • I/we agree that the City of Selkirk and/or its employees, servants or agents shall not be liable for any injury to any
    person or loss or damage to personal property arising from, or in any way resulting from, my or my child’s participation in these activities, unless such injury, loss or damage is caused solely by the negligence of the City or its employees, servants, or agents while acting.
  • I/we agree that we have read and understood the above Informed Consent Agreement in its entirety and hereby consent to participate acknowledging all the foregoing.

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Email: [email protected]

Call: (204) 785-4900