A picture of a lifeguard standing in the middle of a splash pad that is running water.

Frequently Asked Questions about Selkirk Park Pool & Splash Pad

Looking for swim lessons specific questions, we have an FAQ page for that! Selkirk Park Pool Swim Lessons Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1: Are there lockers, changerooms and showers at the pool?

At this time we have bathrooms, changerooms and showers. However, we do not have any public lockers; therefore, we encourage you to leave items you do not need at home or in your vehicle.

Q2: Am I allowed to take videos, picture, post to social media, etc while at the pool? 

You may take photos and/or videos while at our facility. However, we ask that you ensure no other swimmers/persons are in the photo or video. This is to ensure the privacy of others that may be at the pool. In some circumstances, staff may ask you not to take photos/video All pool staff have the right ask you to stop or delete any photos/videos.

If you do post a photo to social media of you enjoying your time at the pool, be sure to also tag the City of Selkirk!

Q3: Do we have to pay to use the Splash Pad?

Our Splash Pad is located inside our fenced area. If you are not a resident of the City of Selkirk, you will need to pay to enter. This grants you access to both the pool and splash pad areas. All residents of the City of Selkirk have free entry to the facility. 

Q4: How often is the pool cleaned?

The pool is constantly recirculating. We automatically treat the water through the recirculation process and perform manual treatments when necessary.

Q5: Is the pool chlorinated?

Yes, we chlorinate the pool.

Q6: Is the splashpad separate from the pool?

The splashpad is located within the fenced area of the pool. 

Q7: Is there an age limit for the splash pad?

There is no age limit to use the splashpad. Please ensure continuous supervision of children at all times.

Q8: Are there chairs at the pool?

No, there are no chairs at the pool for visitors. Visitors are encouraged to bring a beach blanket or lawn chairs. 


Located inside Selkirk Park at 486 Eveline Street, Selkirk, MB R1A 1E6