three people skating in ice rink

A local favourite pastime – pubic skating! Come on down to one of our indoor facilities to enjoy skating with family and/or friends.

Public Skating

Taking place at the Selkirk Recreation Complex, public skating is pen to all members of the public. Only skates will be allowed at this time, so no sticks or pucks. We strongly recommend helmets. Parents/guardians must supervise children under 12 years of age. Paid, scheduled time unless otherwise noted. Drop-in, no pre-registration required.

Public Skating Rules

For your safety, the following rules are in place during public skating:

  • Skating is at your own risk.
  • No nets, sticks, rings or pucks during public skating.
  • We reserve the right to limit the number of skaters on the ice at one time.
  • No food or drinks allowed on the ice.
  • Strollers, sleighs, hockey sticks and footwear (other than skates) are NOT allowed on the ice surface.
  • No throwing objects (elbow pad, gloves).
  • No piggyback skating (including parents carrying their child).
  • Penalty box, players’ benches are out of bounds.
  • No dangerous skating (i.e. tag, crack the whip, fast skating, weaving through traffic, backwards skating, spins or figure skating).
  • Do not use cell phones when skating. If you get a call please leave the ice surface.
  • Youth under 12 must be accompanied by a caregiver or parent.
  • We strongly recommend the use of a CSA-approved hockey helmet and cage for all ages.

Sticks & Pucks

Open to the public, bring your stick, ring, or puck to practice your skills! Helmets are mandatory, and children under 12 must be supervised by a parent/guardian. Paid, scheduled time unless otherwise specified. Drop-in, no pre-registration required.

Sticks & Pucks Rules

For your safety, please observe the following rules during sticks & pucks sessions:

  • Wear a CSA-approved hockey helmet at all times.
  • Participate at your own risk.
  • Nets, sticks, rings, or pucks are allowed only during designated times.
  • We may limit the number of participants on the ice.
  • Keep food and drinks off the ice.
  • Strollers, sleighs, and non-ice footwear are not allowed on the ice.
  • Avoid throwing objects or engaging in piggyback activities.
  • Refrain from using penalty boxes and players’ benches.
  • No risky ice activities.
  • Cell phone usage is not permitted on the ice surface.
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

2024 Rates

  • Resident: $2.10 per person
  • Non-resident: $3.75 per person
  • Children 3 and under: Free  
  • Prices include GST.

Skating Times & Dates

To see available public skating and sticks & pucks skating time, please refer to the Skating Times & Date Schedule. When reviewing dates and times, please note the skating program type (public skate vs. sticks and pucks) as well as the entrance participants are to use.

Looking for more skating times? Check out the Kin Centre Outdoor Skating Rink.

Looking for skating lessons? Check out the Selkirk Skating Club.

We strongly encourage all participants to read our our Informed Consent Agreement and Refund Policy prior to participating in our programs.


Public skating and sticks and pucks take place at the Selkirk Recreation Complex, located at 180 Easton Dr, Selkirk, MB R1A 0W6