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2024 Property & Business Tax Information

Your 2024 property and business taxes are due July 31, 2024. Tax bills will be mailed in mid-late June via Canada Post and are deemed to have been received by Friday, July 5, 2024.

Set up pre-authorized payments!

Set it and forget it. Instead of paying one large lump-sum every July, budget with an Equal Payment Plan throughout the year.
You can even choose how much you pay every month. The best part is that it’s quick and easy to sign up!

NOTE: Please be advised that even though the period for Property taxes are for the fiscal year running from January 1-December 31,  the property taxes within the City of Selkirk are due the last business day of July every year. When you enroll in the Pre-Authorized Payment Program, you are enrolling the year before for the next fiscal years taxes to ensure that the first payment will come out on August 5th to divide the amount of the payments into twelve equal months, building up as a credit on the account and then the credit applied when the taxes are due and owing. The City of Selkirk does not automatically adjust the Pre-Authorized Payments yearly, you will have to manually increase your payments every August to be sufficient for the next yearly increase of Property Taxes.

To sign up, please fill out the form below to get started:

Get started and print the Equal Payment Plan signup form.

You have 3 convenient ways to pay:

  • Pay by Mail
    You can pay your property or business taxes by mail. Post-dated cheques dated July 31, 2024 will be accepted. Please record your Property Tax Roll Number on the “Memo” line of your cheque. Also detach and include the payment stub at the bottom of your Property Tax Bill with your payment.

  • Pay in Person
    You can pay by debit, cash or cheque at 200 Eaton Avenue. Our office is currently open to the public from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday (closed Statutory Holidays). A night deposit box is also available for receiving tax bill payments during business and non-business hours. Please have your payment in the night deposit box by 4:30pm on July 31, 2024 to avoid late penalties.
  • Pay Online
    Follow these easy steps or contact your financial institution to set up online payments, so you can pay your property taxes quickly and conveniently from anywhere!
    1. Log into your online banking site.
    2. Click on Payments and and search in Payee Name for “Selkirk”. There is a listing of bank payee names for the City of Selkirk below.
    3. Enter your roll number (the 10 digit number located at the top right of your Property Tax Bill) as the account number, without the decimal. If your bank only accepts a 9 digit account number, simply drop the very first zero in your account number and enter the last 9 digits without a decimal.
    4. Click on Submit or Enter.
    5. Go to Pay Bills.
    6. Select the City of Selkirk Taxes payee name.
    7. Enter the amount to pay.
    8. Click on Pay Bills. Click on Confirm and it’s on the way.
    9. If the payment and date are entered correctly, your confirmation number will appear. Keep this number for your records.
    Payments made online are not instant
    and can take up to 4 business days to process. To avoid late payments due to this delay, we recommend you make online tax payments by July 24, 2024.


Bank Payee Names for the City of Selkirk Taxes

  • Bank of Montreal: SELKIRK, CITY OF, TAXES
  • Cambrian Credit Union: SELKIRK (CITY): TAXES
  • Noventis Credit Union: SELKIRK TAXES, CITY OF
  • Scotiabank: SELKIRK (CITY) TAXES
  • Sunova Credit Union: SELKIRK TAXES, CITY OF



  • Property & business tax bill payments are due July 31, 2024. (online deadline is July 24) Taxes received after this time will be assessed late penalties of 1.25% per month on the last day of each month until paid in full. Payments received in the night deposit box after 4:30pm on the due date will be charged late penalties of 1.25%.
  • Current taxes are payable, at par, on or before the last working day in July of the current year.
  • When paying by mail or by Internet it is your responsibility to ensure your payment reaches the Municipal office on or before the due date.

Frequently asked questions:

  •  How much does it cost for a tax certificate?
    The cost for a tax certificate is $50; cheques are to be made out to the City of Selkirk. A tax certificate is a document confirming that taxes have been paid or indicate what amount is owing. This is usually requested by lawyers when ownership changes are taking place.
  • When are the tax statements mailed?
    Tax Statements are mailed out only once during the year in mid-late June.
  • I did not receive a tax statement for the year, what should I do?
    Please contact the City of Selkirk Municipal office at 204 785 4900, as you must still make your payment(s) on or before the due date to avoid penalty.
  • What period does the tax statement cover?
    The tax year is the calendar year and covers the period from January 1 to December 31.
  • I believe my tax bill is high, what should I do?
    ASSESSMENT CAN BE APPEALED. Taxes cannot be appealed. If you feel your assessment is unfair, please discuss it with the Provincial Assessment Branch located at 103 – 235 Eaton Ave, Selkirk, Manitoba or phone 204 785 5092. The taxes must still be paid on or before the due date to avoid penalties. If your assessment is reduced as a result of an appeal, any over payment of taxes will be refunded.
  • What if there are arrears on my tax statement?
    Arrears can be as a result of previous tax bill(s) that were not paid in full or can result from unpaid water invoices and/or outstanding account receivables owed to the City of Selkirk for the prior year that have been added to the tax roll. Penalty on the arrears portion is calculated till May 31st of the current year and further penalty will incur to cover the months of June and July.
  • What information with regard to my taxes can I obtain over the phone, through email or in person?
    The City of Selkirk has a responsibility to protect the personal information of citizens. As such, if tax information is requested over the phone, security questions will be asked to ensure information is not being shared with someone who should not have that information. If tax information is requested through an email, the City of Selkirk will initiate a phone call in order to ask security questions. Anyone attending the Civic Office in person will be asked to present proper photo identification before releasing tax information.
  • Can I pay by pre-authorized payment?
    Yes, forms are available at the Civic Office located at 200 Eaton Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba. Payment of the tax statement can now be made online through either the Internet or telephone banking. The payee is: City of Selkirk – Taxes. Your account number is your roll number. All pre-authorized payments will be debited from your account on the 5th of every month.

For additional information regarding property taxes in the City of Selkirk contact CitizenSupport at 204 785 4900.


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