Welcome to CitizenSupport, Selkirk’s new online service request system.

Through CitizenSupport, you can make inquiries, identify concerns or make requests for city services from home or on the go via your mobile device. Requests are automatically directed to the appropriate city personnel, so you never have to worry about which department or staff person to contact. Just fill-out the form below, include a picture or other file, and click the Submit button. Simple, convenient and effective!

You should receive notification from our system that your ticket was created successfully after you click submit. Please remember to check your spam and junk folders if you do not receive this notification. City staff will do their best to contact you within one business day and have your ticket closed within two business days.

Citizen Support Statistics

Below you can see the statistics of the previous 90 days of CitizenSupport tickets. You can see the following stats:

  • Service Area: Which services are being requested, why citizens contact us.
  • Resolved/Response Time: How quickly the tickets are resolved.
  • Contacts: How many calls or contacts it takes to resolve a ticket.
  • Ticket Volume: When people are contacting CitizenSupport.