image of businesses on Manitoba Ave West

Doing Business

Embrace the opportunity of doing business in Selkirk, where the historic Red River enriches a landscape brimming with natural splendor and a variety of activities suitable for every age group. As the urban heartbeat of an expanding region, Selkirk stands as a premier shopping and service hub, catering to a trade area of over 70,000 individuals. The city’s recent surge in residential growth features diverse housing options from single family homes to modern apartments and condos. This growth is attracting a dynamic community eager to establish roots.


Selkirk is experiencing a consistent rise in its population, shown by the growth of its business and industrial areas. This trend indicates a strong business-friendly environment, appealing to both emerging startups and relocating established companies. The city’s commitment to fostering a pro-business atmosphere is evident in its expanding economic landscape.


Strategically positioned a mere 20 kilometers north of Winnipeg, Manitoba’s vibrant capital, Selkirk offers businesses the dual advantage of a local trading area and access to Winnipeg’s extensive market of 650,000 residents, opening a gateway to a vast customer base and a rich reservoir of skilled labor. Discover the potential of doing business in Selkirk – a city that’s growing, thriving, and ready for the future.

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