Manitoba avenue west

Located alongside the historic Red River, Selkirk has an abundance of natural beauty, activities for all ages and many great employment opportunities. The urban centre of a growing region, Selkirk is a shopping and service destination for a trading area of 70,000 people. Recent residential developments – including single family homes, apartments and condos – make Selkirk a place people of all ages are choosing to call home.

Population growth, recent expansions of industrial and commercial areas, and our pro-business orientation make Selkirk an ideal place for new and relocating businesses.

In addition to its immediate trading region, Selkirk businesses benefit from being conveniently located just 20 kilometers north of Winnipeg, Manitoba’s capital city. This proximity to Winnipeg makes its 650,000 residents potential customers and a large pool for skilled labour.

For more information about what we call the Selkirk Advantage, head to our dedicated Sustainable Economic Development website