Two people rollerblading on the active transportation payway

In 2020, the City of Selkirk began developing a five-year Active Transportation Strategy. This strategy provides a long-term vision for Selkirk’s Active Transportation (AT) Network.

The document defines a broad vision and framework based on existing policies and current best practices. It looks into the future of AT. This strategy assists in designing and managing the City’s AT network. It helps achieve low-carbon economy goals and create safe, vibrant neighborhoods. The strategy meets the current and future needs of Selkirk’s citizens.

Benefits of Active Transportation

Investing in Selkirk’s active transportation (AT) infrastructure will create a more balanced, safe, and connected transportation system. This system brings significant benefits to the local economy, quality of life, and public health. Enhancing AT can attract tourists and connect Selkirk with neighboring municipalities, turning it into a destination for non-local visitors. Furthermore, linking employment areas to the AT network provides affordable transportation for those commuting to work, which is essential for seniors, low-income populations, and youth without vehicle access.

Environmental stewardship is a key priority in the City’s Strategic Plan. By offering transportation options that reduce reliance on motorized vehicles, we can decrease emissions and lessen our environmental impact. Our goal is to provide excellent recreational opportunities while promoting responsible land use. Building an AT network encourages sustainable travel and helps our youth develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Selkirk’s Active Transportation Strategy