Waterfront Concert shown with crowd beside the stage

The City of Selkirk hosts many special events throughout the year.  City events focus on enhancing and celebrating our culture, showcasing our beautiful Waterfront and encouraging recreation and tourism.  Whether you’re looking for art, music, food, or family fun, there’s an event for you!

Community Events Calendar

For a full list of Community events head to the Community Events Calendar: http://myselkirk.ca/events/

Visit Red River North Tourism for a list of regional events from Selkirk and the surrounding areas: https://redrivernorthtourism.com/events/

Evening of History

Selkirk Evening of History

The Evening of History raises money for the endowment fund, will include heritage displays, an art auction, refreshments, entertainment and a historical presentation.

To learn more about the Evening of History visit: https://www.myselkirk.ca/SHEF

Canada Day

Band performing at Canada Day with their back towards the camera and the camera showing the large audience.

Selkirk’s Canada Day event allows the community to come together in a welcoming and educational space. All Canadian’s are encouraged to take time to learn, and reflect on how they can contribute to reconciliation.

To learn more about Canada Day visit: https://www.myselkirk.ca/canada-day/

Selkirk Port Market

Selkirk Port Market shown with various booths of vendors selling their products.

The Selkirk Port Market is a lunchtime destination for people to get outside and enjoy the summer.  Located on the beautiful Waterfront, the market runs the last two Wednesday’s in July & every Wednesday in August from 10 am – 2 pm.

To learn more about the Selkirk Port Market visit: https://www.myselkirk.ca/market/

Selkirk Concert Series

Stage and crowd show at a Waterfront Concert.

Enjoy music with the gorgeous view of the Red River as the backdrop or visit one of the many food vendors to grab a bite to eat. The series gets underway with the Season Opener in June!

To learn more about the Selkirk Concert Series visit: https://www.myselkirk.ca/concertseries/

Culture Days

A mural reading Selkirk with part of a street car shown. One man is moving the mural the other is taking a video of him.
Photo credit: Shayna Pollock

Culture Days programs invite the public to get hand-on and behind-the-scenes to highlight the importance of arts and culture in our communities.

To learn more about Culture Days visit: https://www.myselkirk.ca/culturedays/

Selkirk Comes Alive

Man shown dressed up as a boat caption as an audience listens.

Selkirk Comes Alive is an interactive tour featuring historical figures that have had a lasting impact on the evolution of Selkirk.  Actors will play real life residents and share how that individual helped shaped the community. 

To learn more about Selkirk Comes Alive visit: https://www.myselkirk.ca/selkirk-comes-alive/