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When is a permit needed?

The following signs require permits in the City of Selkirk:

  • Free standing signs,
  • Mobile signs,
  • Fascia signs,
  • Illuminated signs.

When is a permit not needed?

  • Directional and convenience of the public including signs that identify rest rooms, designated smoking or non-smoking areas, designated or non-designated parking areas, rules governing the use of a parking lot, parking lot directional signs, parking lot entrance and exit signs (limit of 1 each), or warning signs,
    each not exceeding 0.56 m2 (6 ft.2) in area and a maximum of 2 m (6.5 ft.) in height above curb or grade;
  • Real estate signs are permitted one per lot (i.e. for sale or lease sign);
  • Flags or emblems of political, civic, educational, or religious organization;
  • “No Trespassing” or “Private Property”, or similar content for the purposes of indicating that public access is not permitted, and do not exceed 0.28 sq. m. (3 sq. ft.( in area;
  • Historical plaques or markers authorized by Council including non-advertising memorial signs, commemorative signs, and corner stones, either built in or attached to a building or structure;
  • Bulletin Boards not exceeding 5.48 sq. m. (18 sq. ft.) in area
General Sign Provisions
  • No signs shall have flashing elements, beams or rotating beams in connection with any sign displays.
  • No signs are permitted on City property without written permission from the City.
  • All signs located within the Provincial Trunk Highway must first receive a Manitoba Highways permit prior to applying for a sign permit at the City.
  • Signs shall be set back a minimum of 0.6 m (2 ft.) from property lines.
  • Permanent free standing signs shall not be permitted on Manitoba Ave. between Main Street and Eveline St.

For more information see Section 3.27.2 of the Zoning By-Law

Freestanding Sign Regulations
  • There shall be a limit of one freestanding sign per zoning site;
  • Where a freestanding sign straddles or is intended to represent more than one zoning site, the maximum size for one (1) sign shall apply;
  • Any freestanding sign shall be set back from each site line a minimum of 0.61 m (2 ft.) clear of any projections;
  • Any freestanding advertising billboard sign that is illuminated shall be illuminated by a renewable energy source, and shall not be connected to a separate power source (e.g. power generator, electrical outlet); and
  • Permanent free standing signs located within the “D/W Downtown Waterfront” Overlay Zone shall have a stone base or be constructed of heavy timber framing.

For more information see Section of the Zoning By-Law

  • There shall be a limit of two (2) freestanding menu boards per zoning site; and
  • Any freestanding menu board(s) shall be located to serve a drive thru lane only and not be oriented towards a right-of-way for the purposes of advertising, identification, or business signage.

For more information see Section of the Zoning By-Law

Electric Message Centre Regulations
  • Maximum number of electronic message centre signs allowed per zoning site is 1;
  • Shall only be permitted in Commercial, Industrial and Institutional zones;
  • Shall not be permitted in Residential Zones;
  • Shall not be located within the downtown as defined in Section 10.6 Downtown Sign Standards;
  • No owner may place an electronic sign in a Commercial or Industrial Zone site along a site line to a Residential use, or on a wall overlooking such a site line and such signs must be installed in such a way that any illumination does not project to any surrounding residential users;
  • Shall not be permitted on mobile signs;
  • Shall not carry live video, contain animated images or project audio, only static images are permitted;
  • Shall not display graphics which imitate or resemble any traffic control device or emergency light;
  • All electronic message centre signs shall be equipped with automatic dimming controls that adjust the sign’s brightness to no more than 0.3 foot candles in direct correlation with ambient light conditions;
  • Shall be have a minimum dwell time of 6 seconds for any image;
  • Shall have a maximum transition time of 0.25 seconds between images; and
  • Shall not display third party advertising, other than non-profit community events.

For more information see Section of the Zoning By-Law

Mobile Sign Regulations
  • Mobile signs are permitted in all zones as per Use Table 8;
  • The maximum sign surface for a mobile sign shall be 4.65 m2 (50 ft.2);
  • Mobile signs shall not be used as permanent means of signage;
  • The maximum permitted duration for a mobile sign on a site shall be 90 consecutive days, upon which the sign must be removed, or the applicant may seek an extension. Only one 90 day extension will be granted. Further extensions may be considered on a case by case basis at the discretion of and written authorization of the Designated Officer of the City;
  • Mobile signs located on adjacent sites must be separated from each other by a minimum of 19.81 m (65 ft.) measured along the street right-of-way, unless the narrowness of site frontages or other restrictions in this By-law make that separation impossible, in which case the two signs must be separated as far as reasonably possible;
  • A mobile sign must be contained within the zoning lot on which it is located, not encroaching within any right-of-way;
  • a mobile sign must not be located within 3.05 m (10 ft.) measured from the nearest part of any exit or entrance driveway giving access to a lot;
  • Electronic message centre signs are prohibited on mobile signs; and
  • No property owner may erect more than one (1) mobile sign per tenant on a zoning site. The maximum number of mobile signs on any zoning site at any one time may not exceed two (2), regardless of the number of individual tenants located on that zoning.

For more information see Section of the Zoning By-Law

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