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Welcome to the place where citizens are playing an active role in the planning and implementation of City services, programs and initiatives.

Creating and maintaining a successful city takes collaboration and we’re guessing that’s why you’re here.

We have two styles of surveys

  1. CitizenVoice Panel: These surveys are exclusively available to citizens of Selkirk or those who own a business in Selkirk who have registered and become members of the Citizen Voice Panel. These surveys often address more specific, localized issues, or they may involve decisions that directly impact citizens of Selkirk. 
  2. Open Surveys: These surveys are open to anyone who wishes to participate. These surveys typically cover topics of general interest, citywide initiatives, or issues that affect a the whole region. Open surveys are accessible to both CitizenVoice panelists and individuals from outside the city who may have an interest in the community.
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Garry Theatre Survey No. 1

Report released February 2023

West End Regional Park Survey

Report Released June 2023

garry theartr survey banner 2

Garry Theatre Survey No. 2 Draft Business Plan

Results Released September 2023

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Question comment or concern? Please reach out to CitizenSupport