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We have relaunched CitizenVoice

Welcome to the place where citizens are playing an active role in the planning and implementation of city services, programs and initiatives.

Creating and maintaining a successful city takes collaboration and we’re guessing that’s why you’re here.

How our surveys work

1. Participants are required to sign up to be a part the CitizenVoice panel (for most but not all surveys). 
2. When surveys are available, panelists will be sent an invitation by email to complete the survey. 
3. Panelists can expect to receive approximately 3-4 surveys per year. 

We have three styles of surveys.

  1. CitizenVoice for residents, business or property owners of Selkirk only:

These surveys are exclusively available to those who live IN Selkirk or those who own a business or property in Selkirk. These surveys address more specific, localized issues, or they may involve decisions that directly impact those in Selkirk. 

  2. CitizenVoice for residents of anywhere:

These surveys are open to anyone who is signed up for the CitizenVoice panel. These surveys typically cover topics of general interest, citywide initiatives, or issues that affect a the whole region and visitors to Selkirk. 

3. Partner Surveys :

These are surveys that we partner with outside organizations on and may offer support through promoting their initiatives. These surveys would be offered through another platform such as Survey Monkey and may or may not require sign up. 

Start having your say today!

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To safeguard your privacy and data, we have partnered with trusted third-party service provider, Question Pro, who is committed to maintaining the highest standards of data security and privacy protection.
All personal information collected during registration, such as name, address, gender and household data, is confidential, held by Question Pro and is used only for grouped statistical analysis. Additional demographic questions may be requested when a specific survey is completed. Rest assured that this, too will not be shared and will only be used for the following purposes:
  • To better understand survey results and trends.
  • To improve our services, programs, and initiatives.
  • To make data-driven decisions that benefit our community.

Selkirk is one of 11 communities selected to participate in the Government of Manitoba’s Community Safety and Well-being (CSWB) Pilot Project. As such, the city will be developing and implementing a local CSWB plan and is seeking resident input to inform this process.

This is a partner survey offered through survey monkey and NO SIGN UP IS REQUIRED. 

All personal information collected is confidential, held by Canadian Centre for Safer Cities

Take the community safety and wellbeing survey here. Available now through July 31. 

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Garry Theatre Survey No. 1

Report released February 2023

West End Regional Park Survey

Report Released June 2023

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Question comment or concern? Please reach out to CitizenSupport