Below are some of the most common questions we receive or anticipate receiving.  

This is a new venture for the city and like any transition, the move to deliver in-house services will be carefully managed.

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What is a Site Plan?

A site plan is a scale drawing of your property, its boundaries and structures and other natural and man-made features.  The purpose of the site plan is to depict proposed changes to show that they will meet codes and other requirements. 

Required information that must be shown on a site plan is as follows:

  • Dimensions of all sides of the property,
  • Civic address (including the house number and street name),
  • Dimensions of the proposed project relative to all property lines and structures,
  • Driveway, showing the width at its widest point and distance to an additional one if there are multiple driveways on one lot,
  • Proposed landscaping (if applicable),
  • North Arrow

What are Construction Drawings?

Construction drawings are drawings required for your construction project.  They generally consist of the following documents:

  • Final floor plan drawings for all levels (even if you’re constructing a house and you’re not finishing the basement, we will need a floor plan on the basement for the plumbing permit as well as for egress requirements for future bedrooms).
  • Site Plan,
  • Cross Sections,
  • Foundation Plan,
  • Window Schedule,
  • Engineered Drawings (if applicable),
  • Plumbing Schematics.

What is a Survey Certificate/Staking Certificate?

A staking certificate, prepared by a Manitoba Land Surveyor, documents the placing of survey monuments on the limits of a particular parcel of land. It indicates the dimensions of the property and reports any building encroachments from or onto adjacent lands.

For a list of all Manitoba Land Surveyors please click here.

Where can I get a Status of Title?

You will need to contact the Land Titles Office. 

Please click here for more information.

How do I get locates done?

You will need to ensure that you get locates done for the following:

  • Water lines,
  • Sewer lines,
  • Manitoba Hydro,
  • BellMTS,

To easily do this, you may go to Click Before You Dig or all 800-940-3447.  This will take care of all the locates EXCEPT the City of Selkirk utilities.  After you finish with Click Before You Dig please call The City of Selkirk at 204-785-4900 to start a work order to complete all City of Selkirk locates.

How do I get an Electrical Permit?

Arrange for electrical wiring permits and inspections from Manitoba Hydro for:

  • Any new building, renovation or addition;
  • The installation of any electrical equipment,
  • Any alteration, repair, or extension of any electrical permit.

Before any electrical work is started, you must have an electrical permit.

Please click here to be directed to Manitoba Hydro’s website for permit applications and additional information or call 1-888-624-9376.

How can I find my Property Pins?

What are property pins?

Property pins/markers or boundary monuments are metal pins placed at every corner of the property, including any angle or change of direction of the boundary line. Each pin is shown on the survey of each property.

How do I locate my property pins

You can locate your property pins by using a metal detector.  If you are not able to locate your property pins using a metal detector you may need to get your lot surveyed again.  For a list of all Manitoba Land Surveyors please click here.


The City of Selkirk has height restrictions for all types of fences for each Zone.  These requirements are available in the Zoning By-Law section 3.16.

ZoneFront YardMaximum or RangeSide YardMaximum or RangeRear YardMaximum
Residential4 feet6.5 feet6.5 feet
Commercial4 feet6.5 feet to 8 feet6.5 feet to 8 feet
Industrial6.5 feet to 8 feet6.5 feet to 8 feet6.5 feet to 8 feet
Parks & Recreation4 feet6.5 feet to 8 feet6.5 feet to 8 feet
Open Space4 feet6.5 feet to 8 feet6.5 feet to 8 feet
Institutional6.5 feet to 8 feet6.5 feet to 8 feet6.5 feet to 8 feet

Corner Lots 

There may be stricter restrictions for corner lots; please contact the Planning Division for clarification.

Do I need a permit to build a fence?

No, a permit is not required.  It is recommended to locate your property pins to ensure you are building your fence on your property. 

You will also need to get locates done PRIOR to digging your fence poles.

Driveway Information

You will find all driveway requirements in the City of Selkirk Zoning Bylaw section 3.15.  Here are a couple things to keep in mind when planning your new driveway or wanting to widen your driveway: 

  • The maximum width of any joint ingress and egress driveway measured along the street shall be 35 feet.
  • The minimum distance between any two driveways on one lot, or, between a driveway and an intersection of street lines measured along the street line intersected by such driveway shall be 30 feet.