City of Selkirk Sponsorship and Advertising

Partner with the City of Selkirk to build your brand awareness. Our reach is wide, with a population of 10,504 residents and a trade area of 70,000 people and visitors. Moreover, sponsorship and advertising with the City of Selkirk is a great way to build your client base, improve your connections with the local community, and demonstrate corporate goodwill.

Additionally, the City of Selkirk seeks partnerships with businesses or organizations that align with our vision of being a vibrant hub for commerce, culture, and recreation. We aim to provide the best opportunities an urban centre can offer.

Furthermore, revenues offset the operational costs for community programs, parks, and facilities. These investments are made to Selkirk Endowment Fund initiatives which can be found at the following page

Sponsorship provides community-minded organizations and businesses the opportunity for exposure while supporting parks, recreation, heritage, and cultural initiatives in the City of Selkirk.

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