Our Community

Our community is located in the Interlake region just 20kms northeast of Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba.  Selkirk is accessible to all major highways, rail spur lines and the airport connecting it with national and international markets. Being the regional economic centre, the City serves a trading area of 70,000 people. It also attracts 750,000 visitors, skilled employees, and new residents from the surrounding capital region.

For more information about the Selkirk Advantage, head to our dedicated Sustainable Economic Development website at https://selkirknow.ca/

Why Selkirk?

The City of Selkirk is data-driven because better information leads to better decisions. Therefore, we have partnered with Environics Analytics to gain the best understanding of our community based on demographics, lifestyle, and behavioural traits.  We use this third-party information in our planning, tracking and reporting. We strive to make it available to those considering investment in our community.  Sponsors and advertisers will have access to data to examine how their investment will align with their most desired target market. This data gives our partners a competitive advantage and focuses their marketing activities. For more information on Environics Analytics visit this link https://selkirknow.ca/information-and-data-integrity-you-can-count-on/

The City of Selkirk is committed to positive and mutually beneficial partnerships because we are committed to the prosperous future of this community.  

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