"Programs" In the background there are Kids in a potato sack race

The City of Selkirk offers a range of opportunities for partners wanting to support recreational programs, parks, and green initiatives.

Our programs might be just the thing your company needs to reach your target audience. You can find descriptions for each of our programs below.

For price and package details view the Recreation Programs Sponsorship Flyer at the following link:  https://www.myselkirk.ca/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/Recreation-Programs-Sponsorship-Flyer-4-compressed-3.pdf

Sponsorship packages can be customized to fit your marketing needs.

Contact us today to book your program sponsorship opportunity at the following link: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=Hn6fNhmmCk20AnFRhAi-tkQcyQpGuDpDs9RbmJcJpgdUMDZOWExXVkNPR09KRVpJTjg1VFBGREhWOS4u

Breakfast Hockey Club

An early morning hockey skill program to assist players with fundamental on-ice skills such a shooting, puck-control, passing and receiving.

This program is designed for youth ages 9-14.

Great program for sponsors looking to support youth development.

Camp Awesome

Camp Awesome

Summer, spring and in-service day camps created for youth 5-11 years of age.  Our day camps incorporate Manitoba education curriculum, our classroom is nature and play is always on the schedule.  We use fun and creative activities to develop each camper’s leadership skills and self-confidence while becoming stewards of the environment. 

Ideal opportunity for sponsors interested in nature, environmental causes, and youth development.

This popular program has a far reach with over 225 families participating each year from Selkirk and surrounding communities.

Equipment Lending Program

children playing dodgeball inside the sport court

The pandemic demonstrated how many families lack the resources to access recreation equipment and spaces.  We created our equipment lending program to provide all members of the community a way to borrow a variety of sport, recreation, and leisure equipment free of charge to use at Water Tower Park (Kin Centre).  We added basketball hoops and pickleball lines to the outdoor rink, making it usable year-round. Bring your own equipment or borrow from the Lending Program.

A great program, accessible to all community members. 

Lil’ Nature Explorers

kids in a park taking part in programming

This program is for parents and toddlers (Ages 2-5 years). Through creative play, crafts, games and stories, children and their caregiver will interact with the natural environment. We encourage children to interact with nature with all of their senses, to develop socially, to build curiosities about the world around them, to find calm, to be physically active, to be stewards of the land, and to be in nature in safe and age-appropriate ways.

Play Zone

sky with clouds and the words "play zone" in bubble letters. Click to learn more and register for Play Zone

A free program offered in July and August for youth age 5-11.  We offer Play Zone in 2 hour blocks on 2 days per week. Due to popularity, pre-registration is required. Activities include sport skill development, outdoor games and fun crafts and vary from week to week.  

If you want to connect with young families in Selkirk, this is a great program for your business to sponsor.

Public Skating

people skating on ice with a close up of someone with figure skates

A favorite winter past time open to all!

Great activity for families and anyone looking to be active in the winter months.

Public skating is an opportune time for those new to the activity to practice and improve their skills.

Sticks and Pucks

Two people skating on ice playing hockey

Ice time at the Selkirk Recreation Complex or Selkirk Arena reserved for those wanting to play a little shinny.

Swim Lessons

Family smiling at the camera wearing lifejackets in the water

With over 100,000 lakes covering 16% of its surface, living in Manitoba makes swimming an essential skill.

Swimming lesson sponsorship is ideal for a sponsor in water or safety related industries or anyone interested in community development.

Walk & Jog

Manitoba is cold!  The Walk & Jog program gets community members out of the elements so they can be active and move in a space without the hazards of snow, ice and wind.  Offered from September to April, the Walk & Jog Program is accessible to all.

Selkirk Port Market

People exploring vendors at the Selkirk Port Market

A popular summer attraction, the Selkirk Port Market is held on Wednesdays in July and August. 

30+ vendors and food trucks welcome over 1400 visitors weekly, to sell their crafts, homemade wares, produce and more.

Contact us today to book your program sponsorship opportunity at the following link: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=Hn6fNhmmCk20AnFRhAi-tkQcyQpGuDpDs9RbmJcJpgdUMDZOWExXVkNPR09KRVpJTjg1VFBGREhWOS4u