Two people looking at a mural showing a hockey face-off.

The City of Selkirk has a rich artistic and knowledge oriented culture. There are many spots available to the public to take in local talent, learn more about the community or explore what there is to offer. See below for Selkirk’s arts and culture offerings.

Selkirk Community Arts Centre

Showcased monthly in the Gwen Fox Gallery is the work of its own Gwen Fox Gallery members. Unique artist creations are also available for purchase in the gift shop. The Gwen Fox Gallery is located at the corner of Main St. and Manitoba Ave. Come check out the works of local talented artists!

Diftscape Mural Tours

Discover the more than 30 vibrant, beautiful murals scattered throughout Selkirk by taking the Driftscape Selkirk Murals tour.
These amazing murals bring culture, art, creativity, and life to our public spaces and they’re just waiting to be enjoyed!

Holiday Alley

Holiday Alley is a Red River North Tourism project, sponsored by IG Wealth Management. This winter festival brings art, light, sound, creativity and culture to the heart of Selkirk’s old downtown and to Red River North.