The City of Selkirk has numerous parks that offer a safe environment for fun and relaxation. Residents are encouraged to get outside and enjoy the beautiful outdoor spaces.

Daerwood Village Park is a neighbourhood park in the east end of the City. It offers a playground, a swing set and seating areas. This small park is perfect for the whole family to get outside.

Hydro Park is located between Eveline Avenue and Main Street and features a FREE outdoor fitness facility that is accessible 24 hours a day.

Little Lake Park is found at the east end of Dorchester Avenue. Most of the land is in its natural state with interpretive signage that explains the area’s unique ecological features.

Murray Sinclair Park is located on the corner of Main Street and Queen Avenue. The park is geared toward children age 5-12, featuring a swing set and playground.

This quiet park is located on the at west end of Moody Ave. Penwarden Park features plenty of green space to play catch, have a picnic or just get outside and enjoy the sun.

Queens Park is located off the Selkirk Bridge and Eveline Avenue. If you’re looking a pleasant view, of the Red River visit this park where you’ll find peace and solitude.

Tucked away on Edstan Place you’ll find Red Feather Farm Memorial Park. The park is covered with many colorful flowers and a memorial dedicated to the men of the 108th battalion.

Situated in the east end of Selkirk, along Eveline Avenue is Veterans Memorial Gardens. This peaceful park offers a picturesque view of the Red River.

Water Tower Park is located at 370 Jemima St in the heart of Selkirk. This recreation hotspot surrounds the Selkirk Curling Club, Selkirk Arena, Memorial Hall and City’s iconic Water Tower.