Woman using chest press equipment at the park.

Hydro Park is located between Eveline Avenue and Main Street and features a FREE outdoor fitness facility that is accessible 24 hours a day. The fitness equipment allows for a wide variety of flexibility, mobility, range-of-motion, cardio, and strengthening moves to provide a well rounded workout. This is the perfect place to get outside and workout in the fresh air while the kids have fun in the playground!

Park Amenities

  • Outdoor Fitness Equipment with Instructions that Explain Safe Operation
  • Children’s Playground (5-12 yrs old)
  • Walking Trail


  • 2-Person Lat Pull-Down
  • 4-Person Leg Press
  • Air Walker
  • Elliptical Cross-Trainer
  • Chin-Up Bars
  • Lat Pull and Shoulder Press
  • Pendulum, Abs, and Dips Station
  • Rowing Machine
  • Triple Stepper
  • Upright Stationary Bicycle


  • The usage of this park is intended for individuals 14 years and older
  • The usage of this equipment is without supervision
  • The equipment is intended for healthy people only
  • Please follow provided instructions at each fitness station
  • Following instructions and using proper form with greatly reduce the chances of injury and maximize exercise benefits
  • Stop using equipment if you feel a shortness of breath, pain or nausea
  • Keep fingers and toes away from moving elements while station is on use. These parks can cause serious bodily harm
  • To ensure safety rests between each station or exercise is recommended
  • Carefully inspect each station before using. If you recognize a problem such as loose or missing parts please do not use the station
  • Always supervise children when near fitness station, keeping the, away from moving away from moving parts
  • Stay back a minimum pf 3 feet while station is on use

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