By-Law Enforcement

The City of Selkirk enforces its by-laws though our professional By-Law Enforcement Officers. Our approach to by-law enforcement is to secure compliance by offering awareness and education about the City’s by-laws. By-laws are created to help citizens live together in harmony and security. When education and advice are not effective, Officers may issue citations which come with financial penalties. Our Officers enforce by-laws relating to parking, noise and nuisance, animal control, and property maintenance.

Boulevard Signs

According to the Sign By-Law 4925, “Sign” includes any sign placed within the City of Selkirk excluding those defined as “Business Sign”, and includes real estate advertising signs and real estate open house signs, garage and yard sale signs, special event signs, portable temporary advertising signs, or “A” frame type signs, not included in the definition of “Business Sign”.

Any person wishing to erect a Sign on public property may do so providing that:

a) The Sign be erected after sunrise on the day of the event and removed prior to sunset of the day of the event.

b) The maximum area for any Sign permitted under this section shall be 6.5 square feet or .6 square meters.

c) The Sign shall be placed in such a manner so as not to obstruct the normal flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic nor obstruct the vision of any person operating a vehicle in the City of Selkirk such that their ability to drive safely is impaired.

d) Notwithstanding Clause c), the Sign shall not be posted on a boulevard or median within 6.1 meters or 20 feet of a street intersection nor on a street boulevard within 3.05 meters or 10 feet of the entrance to a public lane or to a private driveway.

e) The Sign is securely fastened and placed so as to prevent being dislodged by wind, rain and similar elements.

f) The Sign shall not be attached to any Vegetation which grows on the public property. Also, no Sign shall be attached to any structure located on any city property, including buildings, other Signs, fences or poles. Any Sign so placed must be free standing and capable of supporting itself.

A Frame Signs

“Business Sign” means a portable temporary sign commonly known as a sandwich board or “A frame” type sign which advertises a business being conducted in a commercial premises.

Any person wishing to erect a Business Sign shall apply to the By-Law Enforcement Officer for a permit, provided that, in the opinion of the By-Law Enforcement Officer, all other requirements of the Sign By-Law 4925 are met.

For more information or to apply for a sign permit please contact CitizenSupport.

Sign Permits

The following signs require permits from the Planning Division at the City of Selkirk:

  • Free standing signs
  • Mobile signs
  • Fascia signs
  • Illuminated signs

For questions or to obtain a permit, please contact CitizenSupport.

Safe Litter Disposal

The City is responsible for sharps collection on public property. Sharps collection on private property resides with the property owner or occupant.

Please contact CitizenSupport with the location and description of item(s) to request collection on public property.