All contacts, requests and questions to be directed to:

[email protected]

CitizenSupport Representatives are available Monday to Friday 8am-5pm over the phone and 10am-4pm in person at the Civic Office. 

Duane Nicol
Chief Administrative Officer

Vanessa Figus
Manager of Citizen Engagement (Media Inquiries)
Marketing & Communications 

Edie Henrichsen
Director of Corporate Services

Crystal Gustafson
Manager of Human Resources

Kevin Richter
Director of Finance

Philip Schaible
Accounting Manager

Tariq Jaleel
Project Manager

Kristy Hill
Director of Protective Services

Dave Milner
Fire Chief

Brady Clark
Director of Culture, Recreation & Green Transportation

Travis Vandenbrand
Manager of Parks & Recreation Facilities

Kyla Ray
Manager of Cultural and Recreational Programs

Dan McDermid
Director of Operations

Ryan Sicinski
Manager of Public Works

Raven Sharma
Manager of Utilities

Kayla Dawson
Manager of Climate Action and Environmental Services

Tim Feduniw
Director of Sustainable Economic Development

Waste Transfer Station

Selkirk Park Pool & Splash Pad

Selkirk Park Campground

Selkirk Transit Authority

Charlene Dunning
Selkirk Transit Supervisor
[email protected]