children splashing around and playing in the Selkirk Park Pool

You may have a lot of questions and we’re here to answer all of them. We hope that the answers we provide to the following FAQs offer all of the information you need in preparation for swimming lessons. Learn more about our swimming lessons, including level descriptions, and the 2024 swim lesson schedule by checking out our 2024 Swim Lesson Guide, found at the link below.

What to Bring to Lessons

All swimming participants must bring the following items with them:

  • Bathing suit, towel, sandals/flip flops
  • Goggles if preferred for distance swimming (some skills require participants do them without goggles)
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle with name on it
  • If taken lessons previously, please bring report card from last time you took lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Some classes are offered together, does this mean my child will pass both levels? Example: Swimmer 3/4

No, your child should not be expected to pass both levels just because they are offered together. While this may happen in some rare cases, this is not a typical progression that occurs over one set of lessons. Each level has its own unique learning outcomes and swimmers progress best when they learn and can preform the skills in each level before advancing to the next.

These classes are offering simultaneously, as the skills progressions advance well together and allows us to offer more swimming times for each level.

Q2: Is there Funding Assistance to help cover the cost of swim lessons?

Yes! Both Jumpstart and Kids Sport Manitoba offer funding assistance for families.

To be eligible for funding for one or more children, families must first meet specific financial criteria as per Revenue Canada’s Low-Income Cut-Offs (LICO) chart. Visit their websites to apply online.

If you have questions about the application or need assistance with securing funding, do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected] 

Q3: Can I request my child’s lessons to be taught by his or her favorite teacher?

Unfortunately we do not accept these types of requests. Our instructor schedules are changing constantly to meet our programs needs and the needs of our instructors. However, we can assure you that all of our instructors undergo a thorough hiring process and an extensive training period, along with nationally recognized certifications programs. You can trust that they’re all fun, patient, and more than qualified to ensure the safety of our swimmers.

Q4: What if my child’s group class only has one or two students registered?

We require a minimum of 3 students to run each of our classes. If a specific class does not have 3 or more participants 10 days before classes begin, we will contact the registered swimmers and collaborate with you to find an alternative time to accommodate the lessons. We aim to ensure that all our students have the opportunity to interact with other swimmers, fostering socialization and growth within our safe, stimulating environment.

Q5: Do you offer make-ups for missed swim lessons?

Once the session starts, we do not cancel swim lessons, unless there is an extenuating circumstance that requires the City of Selkirk to cancel the class. In such event, we would provide you with a prorated refund, offer a makeup class or work with you to find an alternate class/session to participate in.

Swimmers that are ill should stay home. This is in the best interest of their health as well as the health of other class participants and the instructor. Unfortunately, non-attendance for any reason does not entitle you to a refund or a make-up class.

If a swimmer must miss a class due to personal circumstances, we do not arrange make-up classes for the participant. We encourage registrants to choose classes and times that work for their schedule to ensure swimmers can attend all classes.

In the event the swimmer has a medical note that prevents them from participating, we will work with you to find an alternative session to swim in. If this is not possible a refund (minus our admin fee) may be provided.

Q6: During registration, it stated that all children under 12 require a parent/guardian to be present and at the facility during their swim lessons. Why and can I swim during this time?

We implement this rule to prioritize the safety of our swimmers during lessons. If your child sustains an injury, requires assistance with bathroom breaks, or is not attentive during swim lessons, the instructor may request the parent/guardian to provide support and assistance for their child.

Entry to the facility for swimming lessons, does not also allow entry into the pool for public swimming during, before or after the swim lessons. 

In addition, the parent/guardian should not be swimming during this time, and should be present and watching their child’s swim lessons. We encourage parents/guardians to watch their child’s progress and development throughout lessons. 

In some circumstances, child-care for other siblings may not be available and they may need to come to the pool with the parent/guardian. Swimming lessons take place in a different zone/area than public swimming, and the parent/guardian would not be able to properly supervise their child in swimming lessons and other children swimming in a different area. Children 12 and older are allowed to be in the facility alone and may swim without parent/guardian supervision. Those under 12 should not enter the water without proper supervision form a parent/guardian. We encourage parents/guardians to bring toys so children can play with on the sand while next to the parent/guardian. 

If the family chooses to participate in public swimming before or after swimming lessons, they must pay the regular admission rates applicable to non-residents.

Q7: If it’s raining/thundering, are my swim lessons cancelled?

Being an outdoor pool, we occasionally deal with a rainy or stormy day throughout the swim season.

We do not cancel lessons due poor weather, unless extreme inclement weather (tornado, etc). In some cases, lessons will run during rain only. In the event of poor weather such as thunder or lightening, we are not able to be in the water during inclement weather, however instructors will work with swimmers on pool safety and alternate dry-land water safety skills.We may relocate indoor lessons to the Ag Building inside Selkirk Park for safety and shelter. However, lessons will not be rescheduled or refunded due to weather conditions.

Q8: How early should we show up for swim lessons?

It is important to be on the pool deck and ready to go 5 minutes before your class time. Children can get anxious if hurried. Please allow plenty of time before class to get dressed, use the restroom, etc.

Q9: Swimming Accessories: Can my child wear goggles, a swim cap, etc.?

Swim Caps – If your child is prone to chill, a swim cap may help. We welcome and encourage this. For swimmers with long hair, we request that it be tied back and away from the face with an elastic to prevent interference with learning to breathe.

Goggles – For the beginner swimmer, goggles can present a false sense of safety. If your swimmer feels that they need goggles, they may bring them however, for safety reasons a portion of the lessons will be spent encouraging participants to be comfortable without goggles. Some skills also require that participants not wear goggles to perform them.

Water-proof diapers are mandatory for children who are not yet bathroom trained.

Q10: Is there a bathroom to use?

We encourage all participants to arrive early enough to use the restroom before class begins. We also encourage swimmers come to their lesson changed and in their swim suit.

For all participants who are not potty trained, we require the use of a swim diaper in the pool.

Q11: Why does my child work on the same thing every class?

Repetition is the key to learning for most young children. Repeating games and skills give children something to look forward to. Swim Lesson participants also feel a greater sense of success by mastering a skill they have been replicating.

Q12: What do I do if my child is crying or won’t get in the water?

Remember every child develops differently – please be patient, consistent, and encouraging. It is natural for beginner swimmers to get upset and even cry, please allow your child to work through the anxiety of separation and a new environment.

We ask that you trust our staff in helping your child overcome their fear. We encourage apprehensive children to continue attending swim lessons in that they may actually regress if they do not actively participate in the class. The more often your child is active in the water, the less of a chance they have of developing an irreversible fear of swimming. Please understand that if your child continues to have difficulty adjusting to swimming lessons, we may ask that you step out of sight so they can build a relationship with their instructor.

Q13: I have some concerns about my child’s swim lessons, who do I talk to?

If you have any concerns with a class, participant or instructor, we encourage you to please talk to the instructor first. We ask that you kindly speak to them before or after the lessons.

Should the situation be more serious, or you do not feel comfortable reaching out to the instructor directly, you may approach one of our pool supervisors. We have one head supervisor and four head guards at the pool and at least one of the five will also be at the facility during operating hours.

Q14: How do I know if my child is passing or failing their level?

Instructors are taught to provide continuous constructive feedback throughout all the levels. This allows students to know immediately what they need to work on and what they are doing well. We do not have a specific “test day” as participants are continually evaluated throughout the entire course. (Exclusion to this is our leadership courses that have specific exams).

If you have questions about where your child is at or would like to know what they could work on, we encourage you to speak to your child’s instructor. They would be happy to provide with some tips, tricks and feedback.

Q15: Progress Reports

Progress reports will be issued the last day of class. It is not unusual for a swimmer to need to repeat a level more than once because swimming is progressive. All skills must be achieved for a given level before a child can progress to the next level.

Q16: Am I allowed to take videos, picture, post to social media, etc while at the pool?

You may take photos and/or videos while at our facility. However, we ask that you ensure no other swimmers/persons are in the photo or video. This is to ensure the privacy of others that may be at the pool. In some circumstances, staff may ask you not to take photos/videos. All pool staff have the right ask you to stop or delete any photos/videos.

If you do post a photo to social media of you enjoying your time at the pool, be sure to tag the City of Selkirk in your posts!