three people on-site with building plans conducting a building inspection

Use the calendar below to book your next building inspection.


      • You must have an active application (with a corresponding application number)

      • Bookings are not final


            • While all bookings submitted are immediately confirmed the Inspector may need to adjust the time of the booking based on a number of factors, including the information provided during the booking process. Most commonly the time period may be extended.

        • Please provide 2 methods of contact if there is a need for contacting you to update the booking time.

        • Bookings are for one inspection at a time.
        • Missed inspections, inspections where the work is not ready and/or where the work has been covered prior to the inspection taking place may receive an additional charge.

        • Bookings can be booked with minimum 24 hours notice, and cannot be booked further than 14 days in advance.

        • You will receive an email confirming the booking and a calendar invite to add the inspection to your calendar. If you do not receive the email and invite please contact [email protected]

      If you do not already have an active permit you can apply for a building permit with the Planning Division. You can find additional information at our FAQ page, for further inquiries please contact us below:


      Tel: 204-785-4900

      Email: [email protected]