snow plow plowing the street

The City of Selkirk takes pride in keeping streets safe, clean and in good condition relying on our award-winning asset management program.

This includes but is not limited to snow clearing, street sweeping pothole repair and boulevard damage.

Snow Clearing

Snow and ice control is a service provided by the Operations Department to ensure the safe movement of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

The city has a policy that establishes a quality standard for snow clearing, snow removal, sanding of streets, lanes and sidewalks and city-owned parking lots with the co-operation of city residents.

The city’s goal is to maintain the streets, lanes, sidewalks and city-owned parking lots in a safe and functional condition, so economic losses to people and business are minimized and emergency vehicles can make it to their destinations safely during winter months. The city’s goal is to provide equitable service to all citizens.

To answer any questions please review the Snow Clearing Policy here:

Street Cleaning

In the spring time, major cleaning events are scheduled typically from mid April to the end of June to facilitate the removal of accumulated gravel left over from the previous winter.  When major cleaning events are scheduled, signs will be installed notifying area residents and downtown businesses of cleaning activities.  Most street cleaning is done at night to avoid heavier traffic normally found during the day.  Boulevard sweeping of the winter’s sand deposits is done during this period as well.

Throughout the remainder of the summer and fall, the street sweeping equipment is on the streets daily keeping our roadways clean of debris from curb to curb.

As with any heavy machines, the public are advised to stay back from street cleaning equipment when it is in use.

Road Maintenance

With 68.509 KM’s of roadways that range from asphalt streets to gravel roads, general maintenance and upkeep is a constant undertaking for our Operations Department.  Staff are regularly engaged with several maintenance activities throughout the City to ensure the infrastructure remains in good condition.

Pothole maintenance, traffic line painting and dust control are ongoing throughout the summer months.

If you spot a pothole, broken curb or sidewalk, or have boulevard damage,

please contact the Operations Department by submitting a CitizenSupport ticket.

Street and Traffic Lights

Street lighting in Selkirk is maintained by Manitoba Hydro, except for decorative lighting at the waterfront and downtown section of Manitoba Avenue and Eveline.  If you spot a street light that is not working, please Report it to Manitoba Hydro.
Or call 1-888-624-9376.

Traffic lights are maintained by the Province of Manitoba.

If you spot a traffic light not working, please contact CitizenSupport .

Traffic Circles

For information on Traffic circles please Click here.