New meter installation

A new meter must be purchased from the City, please contact CitizenSupport to confirm the size of meter needed and cost. Please note upon installation of the new meter a Cut In fee of $25 will be charged on your first bill along with the security deposit.

  • We will turn on the water and install a new water meter at the cost to the consumer under the following conditions:
    • The building must have a control valve installed where the meter will go.
    • The area must be accessible and be heated in the winter.
    • The shut-off valve at the property line must be operational and at grade.
    • All plumbing must be installed according to code.
  • Meter sizes supplied and installed by the City include:
    • 5/8″, 3/4″ and 1-inch meters (include gaskets and tail pieces)
    • 1 ½”, 2″, 3″, 4″ and 6-inch meters (include gaskets, nuts, bolts and companion flanges)
  • For water meter installation requirements, please contact CitizenSupport at 204-785-4900.

Relocating a meter

  • Meters may be moved at the customer’s expense.
  • Before you contact a plumber, contact CitizenSupport at 204-785-4900.
  • We require a drawing of your planned installation.
  • The new location of your water meter must meet our installation requirements (see New meter installation above).

Removing a meter

  • We will remove a meter in the event of any one of these situations:
    • you have abandoned your water service pipe
    • you have purchased a demolition permit and taken out a permit so the water service pipe can be reused
    • the meter is installed on a seasonal water service pipe
  • You must contact CitizenSupport at 204-785-4900 to have the water turned off and to remove your meter.