image of the 2022 council

The City of Selkirk is a municipal corporation established in 1882 and operating under the authority of The Municipal Act of Manitoba. Governed by a Mayor and six Councillors elected-at-large, the city offeres all of the municipal services generally expected of a progressive urban centre. The city’s infrastructure and services are managed and delivered by its dedicated and professional employees and through innovative partnerships with non-profits and private companies.

The city has over 50 full-time employees, and during peak periods can have just over 100 staff delivering high-quality services to our citizens. Through our people, the City of Selkirk seeks to provide the highest quality of life possible to our residents. We work hard to provide the infrastructure, facilities, programs and services that create opportunities for all citizens to reach their full potential.


Our Vision

A vibrant regional hub for commerce, culture and recreation, providing the best opportunities an urban centre can offer.


Our Mission

The City of Selkirk provides infrastructure and services that sustain a safe and caring community and a vibrant regional hub for commerce, culture and recreation. We are the responsible stewards of community resources, and the catalyst for partnerships that enhance opportunity and quality of life for all citizens.


Our Values

  • Transparency and accountability to citizens
  • Responsible management of our community’s financial, social and environmental assets and risks
  • Innovative and progressive solutions to challenges
  • Appropriate balance of addressing short-term needs and long-term sustainability
  • Effective partnerships with private industry, community organizations, surrounding municipalities and other levels of government