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Zoning By-Law Amendment/Rezoning

A Zoning By-Law Amendment, also known as a Rezoning, is a process where parts of the Zoning By-Law are added, altered or deleted. The Zoning By-Law imposes specific regulations on how land use can be used and developed. The amendments may affect the text of the By-Law, the zoning map, or both. The scale of the Zoning By-Law amendment may also vary from an individual property to the entire City.

Documentation and Fee Requirements

  • Application
  • Application Fee
  • Status of Title (issued by the Winnipeg Land Titles Office no later than 30 days before the date of the application).
  • Letter of Intent
  • Site Plan (see Frequently Asked Questions page for requirements),
  • Other plans and documentation may be required, depending on the nature of the request.


The time required to obtain final approval of an application may vary from 4 (four) to 18 (eighteen) months depending on the scope of the proposal and the number and type of conditions. 

Public Hearing

The applicant must attend a public hearing scheduled by the City of Selkirk, and they are responsible to present details of their application and answer any questions. The public hearing allows the general public to comment on the application prior to the decision.

Second Objections

Should City Council give a Zoning By-Law amendment application second reading, anyone who commented on the application at the public hearing is not satisfied with City Council’s decision may file a second objection in writing to CitizenSupport. The second objection must indicate who is appealing, the Zoning By-Law amendment file number or the By-Law number, and the reasons for the second objection. City Council will then hold a second public hearing before making its final decision.