image of flags and the water tower

Lighting the Selkirk Water Tower

Our water tower is the iconic landmark of our community, a place where people – residents and visitors – visit, take selfies and feel a connection to Selkirk.

Selkirk joins communities across the globe are that are making use of lights to demonstrate civic pride, mark special occasions or recognize and honour specific campaigns.
Please complete the form below a minimum of one month in advance of your request in order to be considered.
NOTE that not all requests are guaranteed and are subject to review and availability.

Flags at City Hall

Currently we are permanently flying, from left to right: Canada Flag, Manitoba Flag, City of Selkirk Flag, National government of the Red River Metis Flag

Additional flag(s) being flown:

  • Ukrainian Flag: In support and solidarity for the people of Ukraine during the war.
  • Pride Flag: June 1-7
  • Every Child Matters: June 17-24

Banners/mini flags hung in our streets

The city has granted permission to the Manitoba Metis Federation to fly mini flags on our flag poles on Main Street from June 17-24.

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