Street Sweeper cleaning the road

In the springtime, major street cleaning events are scheduled typically from mid April to the end of June to facilitate the removal of accumulated gravel left over from the previous winter. When major cleaning events are scheduled, signs will be posted notifying area residents and downtown businesses of cleaning activities. Most major street cleaning is done at night to avoid heavier traffic normally found during the day. In the downtown area, sidewalk and boulevard sweeping of the winter’s sand deposits is done during this period as well.

Throughout the remainder of the summer and fall, the street sweeping equipment is on the streets daily keeping our roadways clean of debris from curb to curb.

As with any heavy machines, the public are advised to stay back from street cleaning equipment when it is in use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does the City of Selkirk begin street sweeping and cleaning?
A: Street sweeping and cleaning operations start in the spring once the snow has melted.

Q: When will my street be cleaned?
A: There is no set schedule for when specific residential streets will be cleaned. The sweeper is out cleaning streets daily.

Q: Does the city sweep/clean residential boulevards?
A: Except for the downtown area, the city does not clean residential boulevards.

Q: Does the city sweep/clean sidewalks?
A: City staff maintain over 50 kms of sidewalks. Work schedules, weather and other staff duties may limit the amount of sidewalk cleaning that can be done each year.

Q: Can I request a street, boulevard or sidewalk be cleaned?
A: The Operations Department will determine the need for cleaning on a case by case basis. You can make a request for street, boulevard or sidewalk cleaning by submitting a CitizenSupport ticket, the Operations Department will take this into consideration when determining which streets to clean.

Q: Who is responsible for cleaning up mud/debris left on the road from new building construction?
A: Contractors working at the construction site are responsible for cleaning the mud/debris left on the road. If it is not cleaned up in a timely manner, the City can contact the building owner to have their contractors clean up the mess.