Selkirk Heritage Endowment Fund Evening of History

Tickets for the Evening of History are officially SOLD OUT!

Thank you to everyone for your incredible support. We can’t wait to see you there for a memorable evening celebrating our shared heritage!

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Step into Selkirk’s vibrant past on May 9th at the Evening of History, sponsored by Metis N4 Construction Inc. This event will be highlighting the captivating tale of John Norquay, an influential figure in Selkirk’s history. Renowned historian Gerry Friesen will be our guest speaker, offering profound insights into Norquay’s life and legacy.

Ticket sales and donations contribute to preserving local history, ensuring that future generations will have a physical municipal heritage museum to explore.  The Selkirk Heritage Endowment Fund was established in 2012 by the City of Selkirk as a perpetual endowment fund that will support the ongoing operational costs of a new municipal heritage museum. Until a physical museum is created, the fund pays out grants to the Marine Museum of Manitoba and to a dedicated staff person who manages and populates the city’s online museum

Gerry Friesen Presents: The Honourable John Norquay

Born near Lockport in 1841, orphaned when he was 8 years old, educated in Red River schools, John Norquay became Manitoba’s first Indigenous Premier in 1878. He was even talked of as a potential successor to John A. Macdonald as Prime Minister of Canada. He stood over six feet tall, weighed over 300 pounds, loved to dance, spoke softly and eloquently, and told funny stories. He was a member of the legislature for eighteen years, fourteen of them as a representative of St. Andrews, and served as Premier for nine years. His governments set in place many of the province’s founding institutions.

Gerry Friesen Bio

Gerry Friesen grew up in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, and attended universities in Saskatoon and Toronto. He has been a member of the History Department at the University of Manitoba since 1970 and a fellow in St. John’s College and St. Paul’s College. He has also lectured and held visiting appointments at universities in other countries. Books he has authored and co-authored include The Canadian Prairies: A History; River Road; The West; Citizens and Nation; Rural Life: Portraits of the Prairie Town 1946; Immigrants in Prairie Cities; Canadians and Their Pasts; and The Honourable John Norquay.

The Honourable John Norquay book is available for pre-order here:

Entertainment by Dusty Fiddle Blues

Dustin Harder, hailing from Winnipeg, fearlessly chases his dreams as a proud Métis singer/songwriter. Dustin’s debut album, earned him #1 and #2 spots on the National Aboriginal Top 40 Countdown, reaching audiences in over 50 countries. Dustin will be joined by Garnet Knight, a talented fiddle player from Matlock, Manitoba. Together, they form the dynamic duo known as Dusty Fiddling Blues. Their music blends Dustin’s hard-hitting guitar riffs of blues rock with Garnet’s soulful fiddling, creating a captivating and unique sound.

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