Just as our community has been built by the dedication and generosity of visionary citizens, so too has the Selkirk Parks Endowment Fund.  We thank all those who have been inspired to give to help ensure that Selkirk’s parks continue to offer the natural spaces, trails, equipment and other amenities that our citizens and visitors have come to expect.


$100,000 +

Trembling Aspen

$50,000- $99,999

Black Spruce

$10,000- $49,999

City of Selkirk

$5,000- $9,999
$2,500- $4,999

Eastern White Cedar

$1,000- $2,499
$250 – $999

Duane Nicol
Shelly Leonard

Paper Birch

$1 – $249

Heinz & Christa Richter
Vanessa Figus
Eileen Janowski
Kristy Hill
Deann Lane
Crystal Gustafson
Daniel McDermid
Chris McIvor
Kayla Soltys